Ruby Life Pools Dragonflight Mythic+ Guide

‘As the ancestral nesting grounds for the five flights, the Ruby Life Pools is a sacred place. The Red Dragonflight, whose charge it is to nuture all life, protect these pools and the future of all dragonkind held within them. However, Raszageth and her Primalists have come to steal that future away and infuse their own powers into the sacred pools. They must be stopped for dragonkind to thrive.

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Dragonflight Season 1 Affix – Thundering

The new Seasonal Affix for Dragonflight Season 1 is Thundering

Throughout the Dungeon, Thundering spawns blue voidzones on the floor that must be avoided by players. Additionally, all players will be affected by a certain buff, that increases their damage and healing done. Three players in your group will be affected by Mark of Lightning, while other two players are affected by Mark of Wind. Tanks will always be affected by Mark of Wind. Coming in contact with the opposite debuff will clear this debuff. If not cleared by walking over a player with the opposite buff will cause the players to be stunned for 8 seconds, taking heavy lightning damage over 8 seconds.

  • Mark of LightningOverloads a player with primal power, increasing their damage and healing by 15% for 15 sec.
    Upon expiration, stuns the player and inflicts 9 Nature damage every 1 sec for 8 sec.
    Coming into contact with a Mark of Wind removes this effect.
  • Mark of WindOverloads a player with primal power, increasing their damage and healing by 15% for 15 sec.
    Upon expiration, stuns the player and inflicts 9 Nature damage every 1 sec for 8 sec.
    Coming into contact with a Mark of Lightning removes this effect.
  • Primal OverloadRaszageth marks players with Mark of Wind or Mark of Lightning, granting them 15% increased damage and healing done for 15 sec. Coming into contact with the opposing mark neutralizes the effect on both players.
    After 15 sec marked players are afflicted with Primal Overload, stunning them and inflicting 9 Nature damage every 1 sec for 8 sec.

The Infusion Chamber and Melidrussa Chillworn

As soon you start the dungeon, you fight your way through to the first Boss Melidrussa Chillworn

Notable Trash Mobs

Primal Juggernaut is the first enemy that approaches you in the dungeon, and second time close before the first Boss. This enemy will cast Excavating Blast frequently.

This will spawn a circle on the floor that explodes at the end of his cast, dealing deadly damage and leaves a voidzone on the floor that deals damage to players remaining in there.



Defiar Draghar is the guard, protecting the first boss room from players to come in. This mini-boss deals moderate damage to the Tank and everyone in front of him with Flurry, but will also use Blazing Rush to a random party member. Players struck will take heavy physical damage and suffer a bleeding debuff for 7 seconds, dealing moderate damage.

Players need to avoid standing infront of Defier Draghar, and dodge his Blazing Rush.

Melidrussa Chillworn

The first Boss in Ruby Life Pools is Melidrussa Chillworn.

‘Melidrussa Chillworn leads the Primalist infusion efforts in the Ruby Life Pools. Her fervent belief is that she is protecting young dragon eggs from the influence of the titans and cleansing them from the stain of Order magic. She will stop at nothing to fulfill her calling and return the eggs to what she believes is their natural state.’


Notable Abilities
  • Awaken Whelps – Summons a group of Whelps that apply Primal Chill to the Tank that must be despelled
  • Frost Overload – Deals heavy damage to all players until interrupted. Can only be interrupted when Ice Bulwark, an Absorb Shield, is broken
  • Chillstorm – Spawns a Voidzone to a random party members’ location, that draws all players in and deals moderate damage
  • Hailbombs – Spawns Crystallized Ice on all players location that deal deadly damage when coming in contact with


Frequently, Melidrussa will cast Hailbombs. This is indicated by a white voidzone below every player, and after a few seconds, a formation of Ice spawns on that location. These can potentially fill up the whole room after a long time, and players coming in contact with these will suffer most likely deadly damage. 








Dodging Hailbombs might not be that difficult, but can become more difficult whenever Chillstorm is active. Chillstorm affects one random player in your group, indicated with a big white circle around a player. After a certain time, this will spawn a Voidzone that deals moderate damage to players inside of it, and draws all players towards the center of the Storm. After 6 seconds, the Storm explodes and knocks all players away.




Frost Overload

Every 45 seconds, the Boss will cast Awaken Whelps. At this time, multiple Infused Whelps will spawn that attack the Tank with Cold Claws, which also applies Primal Chill. This debuff recudes the players movement speed by 5% per application. Upon reaching 10 applications, the player will become Frozen Solid, inflicting moderate damage over 7 seconds and stunning them.

Most important is the Frost Overload that the Boss will cast just after casting Awaken Whelps. While you have to deal with the Whelps, we advice players to stack the Whelps onto the Boss and focus their damage onto the Boss. Frost Overload deals moderate Frost damage every 2 seconds until interupted. The Boss can only be interupted whenever Ice Bulwark is broken. This is an Absorb Shield which makes Melidrussa immun to interrupts. 


Frigid Shard

Melidrussa starts the combat with dealing moderate damage to the Tank by using Frigid Shard. This deals Physical Damage to her current target, and needs to mitigated or healed.

Repeat all Abilites until the Boss is dead.

The Ruby Overlook and Kokia Blazehoof

After defeating the first Boss, you are on your way to the second Boss of Ruby Life Pools – Kokia Blazehoof

Notable Trash Mobs

You need to kill all 4 Blazebound Destroyer in order to activate Kokia Blazehoof. These will cast Living Bomb on a random player, dealing moderate Fire damage over time and knocking them into the air as soon the debuff expires.

They will also cast Burnout, creating a 20-yards circle around the Destroyer and dealing deadly damge to all players struck.




While you are clearing your way trough the Ruby Overlook, you will be approached by multiple Dragons – Flamegullet and Thunderhead.

Those Dragons have similar abilities. A frontal Breath that must be avoided, and pulsating AoE damage to all players that need to be healed and mitigated with defensive cooldowns.

Kokia Blazehoof

The second Boss in Ruby Life Pools is Kokia Blazehoof

‘As Primalist forces assault the Ruby Life Pools from all sides, it falls to Kokia and her Blazebound lieutenants to capture precious eggs from overwhelmed defenders, all while spreading flame and havoc, as they go.’


Notable Abilities
  • Blazebound Firestorm – Summons an add that will deal AoE damage to party members with Inferno, and leaves Scorched Earth when killed.
  • Molten Boulder – Sends forth a rolling stone out of Lava that leaves Scorched Earth in its path.

Molten Boulder

Molten Boulder is a rolling stone that rolls away from the boss, indicated with a red voidzone on the Boss. The target location is close to a random player. Molten Boulder leaves Scorched Earth in its path, which will fill up a lot of the space in the Boss area. We highly suggest players to stay close together, and bait Molten Boulder and the the Blazebound Firestorm to coordinate the free space in the room.



Blazebound Firestorm

The Boss will also spawn Blazebound Firestorm, that similar to the Blazebound Destroyer will cast Burnout whenever they die, leaving another patch of Scorched Earth on the floor. They will frequently cast Roaring Blaze, dealing high damage to all players if not interrupted. 




Searing Blows

Kokia Blazehoof will attack the Tank with Searing Blows. This will deal heavy damage to the tank and applies Searing Wounds on the Tank. Searing Wounds will let the Tank suffer moderate physical damage per application. 

Repeat everything until Boss is dead.

Kyrakka and Erkhart Stormvein

As soon you killed Kokia Blazehoof, you can fight your way trough the last Boss of Ruby Life Pools; Erkhart Stormvein and his Dragon Kyrakka

Notable Trash Mobs

In order to activate the Bossfight, you must kill all Tempest Channeler and High Channeler Ryvati. They will cast Lightning Storm frequently, that cannot be interrupted. Lightning Storm deals heavy Lightning Damage to all party members and must be mitigated. 

Kyrakka and Erkhart Stormvein

‘Kyrakka and Erkhart roam the skies above the Ruby Life Pools coordinating attacks on the shrine below, while also takig out any interfering dragons. If left unchecked they burn the Life Pools to the ground and blow the remaining ash away in a cleansing elemental storm.’


Notable Abilities


Every time a players is afflicted by Infernocore, they will leave a pool of Flaming Embers on the floor, as soon the debuff expires. We strongly suggest you to position those pools close to each other, to utilize the free space of the boss room efficiently. The Boss will also cast Winds of Change, a strong flow of air that drags players and all pools of Flaming Embers in a certain direction. 




Roaring Firebreath

In the first Phase of the encounter, you will phase Erkhart Stormvein, while his Dragon Kyrakka flies to different locations and starts casting Roaring Firebreath. This is a frontal cone that applies the debuff Infernocore to players hit.

Everytime a player touches a pool of Flaming Embers, or gets hit by Roaring Firebreath, this will apply Infernocore again on the player, leaving even more pools of Flaming Ember on the floor. Players are strongly adviced to avoid getting hit by any means.



The Boss will also use Stormslam, dealing moderate damage on the Tank and leaves a debuff that increases Nature Damage taken by 100% per aaplication. This can be despelled by healers. 


Interrupting Cloudburst

Interrupting Cloudburst is a 2.5 seconds cast which will interrupt all spells cast whenever he finished casting Interrupting Cloudburst



After a certain time, Erkhart will jump onto his Dragon Kyrakka and will fight with him on the battlefield. During this time, the Boss will still use Roaring Firebreath, but additionally he will use an empowered Flamespit on every player.

All Players in a 5-yard radius will take additional Fire damage and leave a pool of Flaming Ember on the floor. During this Phase, we suggest players to stack close together to drop those pools on the same place to avoid running out of free space in the room. 


Kill Kyrakka and finish Erkhart as soon as his Dragon is dead.

Routes and Strategy

Ruby Life Pools MDT Route: