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Blizzard Announced Automated Interrupt Macro Hotfixed
Just yesterday we have reported about Blizzard responding to concerned players...
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Blizzard Response to Feedback About Season 3 Trinkets
Many new Trinkets are getting introduced in Season 3, of which some of them...
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Automation Bots Being Investigated by Blizzard
Blizzard has responded to concerned players in their Forum about Bots in PvP,...
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Icecrown Citadel Releases October 12th - Wrath Classic Phase 4
Wrath Classic Phase 4 - Icecrown Citadel has been officially announced to be...
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World of Warcraft Dragonflight Raid Guide

One of the most exciting activities in World of Warcraft are Raids. With multiple difficulties ranging from Normal to Heroic with 10 to 30 people, or the most competitive Mythic Mode with 20 people, Guilds are racing to defeat the final boss of a Raid in the ‘Race to World First‘. Our Guide offers you detailed information about the current Raids, including strategie and optional weakauras to make your time easier.

Amirdrassil, The Dreams Hope

“Within the Emerald Dream and near the growing World Tree of Amirdrassil lies an ancient temple built by the Green Dragonflight. Here, the energy of the Emerald Dream is a potent and abundant resource…

Aberrus, The Shadowed Crucible

“Millennia ago, Neltharion established Aberrus, a secret laboratory where he conducted world altering experiments. Recently rediscovered, Aberrus is now under attack from all sides as forces seeking to claim the Earth-Warder’s legacy search…

Vault of the Incarnates

“The Primalists breached the Titan prison used to hold the Incarnates for millennia. Within, Raszageth performs a foul ritual to unleash her siblings, so together they can purge the world of the Titans’ influence. The champions of Azeroth must…