Vault of the Incarnates Guide & Overview

The Primalists breached the Titan prison used to hold the Incarnates for millennia. Within, Raszageth performs a foul ritual to unleash her siblings, so together they can purge the world of the Titans’ influence. The champions of Azeroth must assault this impregnable fortress and break their defenses to end this threat. While many could fall, defeat condemns all the realms to the Incarnates’ reign of fire and blood.

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General Information

  • Raid: Vault of the Incarnates
  • Entrance: Thaldraszus at 75/55
  • 8 Bosses in the Raid
  • Itemlevel Reward: 376-431
  • Special Features:
    • Class Tier Sets 
    • Dragonriding Customization: Embodiement of the Storm-Eater
    • Only Lieutenants will reward Bind-on-Equip Items
    • Bosses can drop “Very Rare” Items with elevated Itemlevel


Itemlevel Reward 

  • LFR
    • Boss 1-4: 376
    • Boss 5 & 6: 382
    • Boss 7 & 8: 385
  • Normal
    • Boss 1-4: 389
    • Boss 5 & 6: 395
    • Boss 7 & 8: 398
  • Heroisch
    • Boss 1-4: 402
    • Boss 5 & 6: 408
    • Boss 7 & 8: 411
  • Mythisch
    • Boss 1-4: 415
    • Boss 5 & 6: 421
    • Boss 7 & 8: 424


Available Bind-on-Equip Items in the Vault of the Incarnates


Opening Times for each Difficulty

December 14 Normal, Heroic and Mythic
December 21 1. Wing of Looking for Raid
January 04 2. Wing of Looking for Raid
January 18 3. Wing of Looking for Raid


Notable Abilities:

Flamerift: Applies a debuff to several players, which drop a pool of Lava upon expiration

Army of Flame: Spawns walls of Elementals traveling across the room, which immediatly kill players coming into contact.


Heroic and Mythic Tips:

Dont stand close to the Molten Spikes, which are going to be destroyed by Incinerating Roar on Heroic Difficulty or higher.

Make sure to quickly focus the Flamescale Captain which additionally spawns on Mythic Difficulty.


Applies a debuff to several players, which leave a pool of Lava Flow on the floor.

Upon expiration, a Flamescale Tarasek spawns out of each Debuff, which fixates a random player. These adds need to be killed quickly and can be stunned and slowed aswell.

On Mythic, this also opens a Greater Flamerift which spawns a Flamescale Captain. This add casts Leaping Flames, which deals damage to a player and then jumps over to another player. This leaves a periodic damage debuff which has to be dispelled. 

Also, this Flamescale Captain frequently casts Pyroblast, which deals deadly damage to a player if not interrupted.


Army of Flame

Whenever Eranog reaches 100 Energy, he travels to the middle and spawns a circle of Primal Flame adds.

These adds travel from the outside forward to the center to the Boss.

Kill one Primal Flame to create a gap which allows players to safely move through their chain.

These Adds pulsate for damage with Pulsing Flames.

On Mythic, Eranog also spawns a circle of Primal Flame Adds travelling from the inside to the outside.


Molten Spikes

Eranog spawns multiple Molten Spikes across the room, which deal damage to players standing in their impact location.

These Spikes are destroyed everytime Eranog uses Incinerating Roar.

Whenever they are destroyed, they gonna leave Molten Fissure in their 4-yard radius which deals damage. Avoid standing close to it.



Incinerating Roar

Eranog roars and deals damage to all raid members. This also leaves a periodic damage debuff which has to be compensated by Healers.


Molten Cleave

Eranog uses Molten Cleave, a frontal cone, aimed towards the Tank. Make sure to face the Boss away from your party.


Burning Wound

Burning Wound is applied by Eranog to the current Tank, leaving a debuff which deals periodic damage. Tanks have to alternate every few stacks (around 4-8 stacks)


Boss Room Overview & Strategy


Notable Abilities:

Awakened Earth is a debuff to several players, which spawn a pillar upon expiration.

Concussive Slam is a frontal beam aimed towards the Tank, which destroy Awakened Earth pillars.

Rock Blast deals a lot of damage, split by every player inside of it.


Heroic and Mythic Tips:

The Voidzones spawned by Fractured Rubble now leave a Voidzone on the floor on Heroic Difficulty or higher.

Infused Fallout is a new ability on Mythic Difficulty, which grants all players a periodic damage debuff. To remove this, players have to run to another players with this debuff. This also causes an explosion and spawns a voidzone on the floor.

Rock Blast

Whenver a player is affected by Rock Blast, other raid members have to make sure to share and split the damage incoming by standing in the circle it created.

After it explodes, it leaves a Aftershock on the floor which explodes after a short time, so make sure to move out of it.

On Mythic, this deals damage to all raid members for its damage, meaning that you can no longer use Immunities to soak it solo. Players now have to split the damage, and all other members not soaking it will receive the same amount of damage as players inside of it.



Awakened Earth

Several players are affected by this debuff, and spawn an Awakened Earth pillar upon expiration. 

This Pillar radiates for raid-wide damage as long as they persist.

To destroy these, Tanks have to aim the Concussive Slam towards these Pillars.

Seismic Assault is caused whenever a Pillar is destroyed, so you should make sure to not destroy too many of them at the same time.



Shattering Impact

Terros will target several random player and spawn a voidzone below them.

Standing in the impact will deal heavy damage to players.

This will cause Fractured Rubble to fall from the ceiling, creating another Voidzone which also deals damage on impact

On Heroic or higher, this will leave Resonant Aftermath on the floor. Players standing inside of it take periodic damage over time.



Resonating Annihilation

This ability is used by Terros whenver he reaches 100 Energy.

This is a frontal cone of the size of one quarter of the Boss Area. This acts as the Enrage Mode of the Encounter.

Whenever the whole Boss Area is filled with this after 4 Resonating Annihilations, Terros will use Frenzied Devastation to wipe your Group.

This will cause Fractured Rubble to fall from the ceiling, creating another Voidzone which also deals damage on impact

On Heroic or higher, this will leave Resonant Aftermath on the floor. Players standing inside of it take periodic damage over time.



Infused Fallout (Mythic Only)

This ability causes all raid members to be affected by a periodic damage debuff, which is removed whenever coming in contact with another player affected by Infused Fallout.

Removing this debuff explodes for light raid-wide damage, but also spawns Reactive Bedrock below the position of players coming into contact

This is a small voidzone which explodes for heavy damage, but can be easily dodged.


Boss Room Overview & Strategy

Primal Council

Notable Abilities:

Conductive Mark: Whenever a player is affected by this blue circle around them, make sure to spread out and hide behind a pillar to remove its debuff harmlessly.

When Primal Blizzard is cast, make sure to clear your debuff by walking into Scorching Ground

Share the damage of Meteor Axes and destroy unnecessary Pillars in the room.


Heroic and Mythic Tips

Earthen Pillars cause all players to pulsate damage in a 2-yards radius on Heroic Difficulty or higher. Make sure to spread.

Scorching Ground becomes smaller whenever someone clears their debuff during Primal Blizzard.

Earthen Pillar

This ability causes several Earthen Pillars to erupt from the ground. 

Standing on the Impact location causes player to take heavy damage. 

On Heroic Difficulty or higher, these Pillars cause every player to radiate damage to themself and everyone else around themself in 2-yards



Conductive Mark

This debuff is applied to several players, which deals periodic damage for 20 seconds.

Whenever a player comes close to another player in 5-yards radius, this debuff will also applies to the other player aswell.

You can remove this debuff by walking in 5-yard range to an Earthen Pillar.

On Mythic Difficulty, this debuff doesnt expire, and must be cleansed by going close to an Earthen Pillar.




Meteor Axes

Meteor Axes is thrown onto 2 players in your group, which explode for very high damage.

This damage has to be shared by other players aswell to reduce the damage on each player.

This destroys Earthen Pillars struck inside of it, and also leaves Scorched Ground on the floor.

Scorched Ground deals periodic damage to players inside of it.

On Heroic Difficulty or higher, the damage taken by Meteor Axes increase the damage of subsequent impacts by 300% for 15 seconds.



Primal Blizzard

Kadros Icewrath channels Primal Blizzard for 10 seconds, dealing raid-wide damage.

Everytime it deals damage, players are affected by Frost Tomb. At 10 stacks, they become frozen solid and have to be freed by dealing damage on them.

To remove this debuff before it reaches 10 stacks, players can step into Scorched Ground (at around 6 stacks)

On Mythic Difficulty, Scorched Earth becomes smaller whenever someone cleared their debuff in them.


Other Abilities:

  • Frost Spike and Lightning Bolt deal damage to random players, and can be interrupted.
  • Chain Lightning deals damage to a random player which jumps over to another close player.
  • Crush deals damage to the Tank and increases his Physical damage taken by 100%.
  • Slashing Blaze is a frontal cone for 15 seconds every 1.5 seconds, aimed towards the Tank which leaves a periodic debuff.
  • Whenever a Boss is defeated, it radiates for increasing damage until all bosses are defeated. Try to kill all Bosses at the same time.



Boss Room Overview & Strategy

Sennarth, the Cold Breath

Notable Abilities:

Gossamer Burst draws all players to the Boss, which kills players on higher difficulties.

Enveloping Webs is a debuff affecting several players, which spawn webs on the floor every second for 6 seconds. Standing in the webs grant a debuff which slows you and stuns players at 8-10 stacks.

Caustic Spiderlings explode whenever they die with Caustic Eruption, which removes the debuff of Evenloping Webs


Heroic and Mythic Tips:

In Heroic Difficulty or higher, gaining 10 stacks of Sticky Webbing is causing players to be stunned for 30 seconds.

On Mythic Difficulty, Caustic Eruption grants a 300% Nature damage taken increase whenever you clear your Sticky Webbing debuff.

Frostbreath Arachnid

Frequently, the Boss will spawn a Frostbreath Arachnid Add which has to be killed quickly.

Chilling Aura is a stacking debuff which persists as long this Add is alive.

It uses Freezing Breath, like Sennarth uses Breath of Ice, which causes Icy Ground to spawn on the floor.

“Be careful! Icy Ground is Icy and Slippery!”





Chilling Blast

Sennarth uses Chilling Blast, which causes all players in the Raid to take damage and receive a debuff.

After expiration, this debuff causes a Frost Explosion.

This causes all players within 4-yards around each player to take heavy damage.

Make sure to spread out




Enveloping Webs

Occasionally, Sennarth applies Enveloping Webs to several players.

This debuff lasts for 6 seconds, and every second they spawn Sticky Webbing below them.

Standing in Sticky Webbing grants a stacking debuff, slowing players for 25%, and reduces their movement speed by 75% when on 10 stacks.

Players can use these Sticky Webbings to avoid the Push or Draw by Sennarth.

On Heroic Difficulty or Higher, this Debuff stuns players for 30 seconds in a web, which has to be defeated.



Caustic Spiderlings

These small adds appear throught the encounter, which need to be defeated.

Whenever they die, they explode in a 5-yard radius with Caustic Eruption.

Standing in Caustic Eruption causes player to remove their Sticky Webbing debuff.

On Mythic Difficulty, standing in Caustic Eruption to clear Sticky Webbing grants players Dissolved Defenses, causing them to take 300% more Nature damage for 30 seconds, stacking.



Gossamer Burst and Reppeling Burst

Until your raid reached the final platform of this encounter, Sennarth uses Gossamer Burst.

This ability draws all players into the Boss, causes them to fall down into the Pit.

As soon you reached the final Plattform, Sennarth instead uses Reppeling Burst.

Repelling Burst knocks all players away, so be careful to not fall of the Plattform.



Web Blast

Web Blast is a Tank-specific ability, granting them a stacking debuff which increases their damage taken from Web Blast by 50% per Stack.



Gusting Rime (Mythic Only)

Sennarth will additionally spawn whirling Ice, which deals heavy damage and knocks players away coming into contact with them



Boss Room Overview & Strategy

Dathea, Ascended

Notable Abilities:

Conductive Mark deals damage over time, and spreads to other players coming into 5-yards contact with them

Make sure to get knocked into the correct position when Volatile Infusers die.


Heroic and Mythic Tips:

On Heroic Difficulty or higher, Players have to be knocked onto new Plattforms and defeat the Adds ontop of them.

On Mythic Difficulty, Conductive Mark doesnt expire anymore, and have to be brought to depleted Volatile Infusers.

Raging Burst

Dathea will use Raging Burst to spawn Raging Burst. Those are Tornados slightly travelling in a circle on their spawn position.

Players coming into contact with them take heavy damage and are knocked back.

These Tornados are re-positioned whenever Crosswinds appear.




Conductive Mark

Similar to the Primal Council encounter, Conductive Mark applies to several players.

This debuff lasts for 15 seconds, and deals moderate damage over time.

Whenever coming into contact with another player in 5-yard range, it spreads to them aswell.

On Mythic Difficulty, Conductive Mark no longer expires. Bring the debuff to a Volatile Infuser to remove this debuff.




Coalescing Storm

Every 80 seconds, Dathea uses Coalescing Storm.

This spawns 2 Volatile Infusers, which knock players with Blowback very far away whenever they are defeated.

On Heroic Difficulty or higher, the second Volatile Infuser spawns on a different Plattform.

Get knocked onto that Plattform and defeat the Adds on there. Use the second Volatile Infuser to get knocked back again.

On Mythic, Volatile Infusers are spread across the Main Plattform, and have to be powered up with Conductive Mark. The Add on the other Plattform still knocks players back.




This ability draws all players into the center of Dathea.

If players are coming into contact with the Boss, they are knocked into the Air.



Zephyr Slam

Zephyr Slam is a Tank-specific ability which deals damage and knocks them away from the Boss.

It also applies a debuff which increases the damage taken and knock back from consecutive Zephyr Slam‘s.

Make sure to taunt after every 2 Stacks.



Boss Room Overview and Strategy

Kurog Grimtotem

Notable Abilities:

Quick Tips

Broodkeeper Diurna

Notable Abilities:

Use Greatstaff’s Wrath Extra Action Button to destroy Eggs.

Use the Extra Action Button of Greatstaff’s Wrath to destroy Eggs that are hatching first.


Heroic and Mythic Tips:

On Mythic Difficulty, make sure to split your group into multiple Teams, and deal with Lingering Gaze.

Greatstaff of the Broodkeeper

Diurna embeds her staff close to her, dealing damage to all players within 50-yards.

Moving close to the Staff grants an Extra Action Button, which will cause a Laser Beam chasing players after using it.

This Beam destroys Eggs. Make sure to focus this Beam onto Adds that are Hatching soon with Rapid Incubation.

Whenever all Eggs are destroyed, and the Boss is in its final Phase, the Staff starts channeling its laser to random players.

On Heroic Difficulty or higher, each time Diurna embeds her staff, it gains a stacking 10% damage increased buff.

On Mythic Difficulty, whenever the Staff is thrown on the ground, it leaves a voidzone on the floor.




Wildfire causes Diurna to deal damage to all raid members, and spawn voidzones underneath each player.

On Heroic Difficulty or higher, Wildfire also causes a circle around each player, which additionally deals damage to players in a 4-yard radius.

On Mythic Difficulty, Wildfire spawns even more smaller voidzones that have to be dodged.



Icy Shroud

Frequently, Diurna uses Icy Shroud to deal raid-wide damage.

This applies a debuff to all players, which slows them for 30% and absorbs incoming heal by a certain amount.



Mortal Stoneclaws

Mortal Stoneclaws is a Tank-specific ability, which leaves Mortal Wounds and Crushing Stoneclaws on the Tank.

Mortal Wounds debuff reduces incoming heal by 65% for 8 seconds, with an increased duration in Phase 2.

Crushing Stoneclaws deals periodic damage to the Tank, and can stack.



All Add Abilities

Whenever Adds are close to Diurna, they gain Broodkeeper’s Bond, increasing their health and damage.

On Mythic Difficulty, 2 Waves of Reinforcements spawn instead of one.



Lingering Gaze (Mythic Only)

While within 50-yards to the Boss, players are affected by Lingering Gaze. This will increase players damage taken by 10% and grants Diurna a stacking 1% damage buff for 7 seconds.



Boss Room Overview and Strategy

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Raszageth, the Storm-Eater

Notable Abilities:

Quick Tips