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Hideout Competition Highlights

September 19, 2023

Last week we announced the Trial of the Ancestors Hideout Competition, and a horde of Exiled Architects have already assembled an assortment of artistic abodes. Check out some of the highlights in the video below!

The entries included in this video are:

Max34 – Path of Gods
Mirges – Tawhoa’s Retreat
moonretealoud – World of Endless Night
Morinmeth – Temple to Arohongui
XeoTech – Hinekora’s Temple

We hope these hideouts themed around the Karui gods have inspired you! For more information on the Hideout Competition, you can find the original thread here. Entries close Thursday the 5th of October at 9pm PDT (or Oct 06, 2023 6:00 AM (GMT+2) in your local time), so you have about two weeks to get your entries in!