January 4, 2023


  • Paladin
    • Holy
      • Fixed an issue where Divine Resonance would not heal if no target was selected.
    • Protection
      • Fixed an issue preventing Inner Light’s damage effect from triggering.
    • Retribution
      • Fixed an issue where Crusade incorrectly increased damage dealt without having the corresponding Avenging Wrath talent.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Algeth’ar Academy
    • Overgrown Ancient
      • Increased the amount of time between abilities, particularly in relation to Burst Forth.
        • Developers’ Note: The combination of Germination and Burst Forth is the most dangerous part of the encounter. We hope by giving this moment more space, players will be better able to prepare for and recover from it.
  • Azure Vaults
    • Azureblade
      • Increased the time it takes for Azureblade to drain their mana.
  • The Nokhud Offensive
    • Nokhud Lancemasters are less talkative when firing their ballistae.
    • The Raging Tempest
      • Lightning Strike damage reduced by 10%.
      • Energy Surge damage reduced by 50%.
      • Surge of Power duration increased to 18 seconds (was 15 sec).
    • Teera and Maruuk
      • Slightly increased Maruuk’s movement speed.
      • Added a slight delay on Quick Shot after Teera uses Gale Arrow.
  • Ruby Life Pools
    • Melidrussa Chillworn
      • Reduced the absorb value of Ice Bulwark by 25%.
      • Reduced party-wide periodic damage of Chillstorm by 33%.
    • Erkhart Stormvein
      • Interrupting Cloudburst now has a 2 sec. school lockout when it interrupts a spell (was 4 seconds).
      • Stormslam is now cast less frequently.
  • Temple of the Jade Serpent
    • Lesser Sha and Malformed Sha’s ability ‘Sha Eruption’ no longer ignores line of sight.
    • Sha of Doubt
      • Increased the recast cooldown of Touch of Nothingness.
      • Wither Will now prefers targets that are not under the effects of Touch of Nothingness.
  • Vault of the Incarnates
    • Fixed an issue with the intermission enemies’ Presence abilities being able to pierce magic immunities on the Kurog Grimtotem encounter.

Player versus Player

  • Classes
    • Paladin
      • Protection
        • Fixed an issue preventing Guardian of the Forgotten Queen from benefiting from cooldown reduction from Gift of the Golden Val’kyr.
        • Fixed an issue preventing Aura of Reckoning from correctly extending Sentinel.


  • Many professions’ weekly quests have had their quest item drop rates increased.
  • Alchemy
    • Aerated Phial of Quick Hands is now a valid target for Reclaim Concoctions.
  • Enchanting
    • Reduced the vendor price of Chromatic Focus to be more in line with other uncommon profession equipment vendor prices.