Jewel Changes FAQ

Yesterday, we shared our plans regarding upcoming changes to Jewels which prompted some questions. In today’s post, we’ve collected some of these questions and their answers.

Can you give us some examples of the numbers on the ailment mitigation modifiers on Jewels?

Regular Jewels can roll up to 35% Reduced Duration or Reduced Effect. Abyss Jewels can roll up to 50% Ailment Avoidance.

Will the new Jewel modifiers or existing Jewel modifiers have modifier tiers?

No, regular Jewel modifiers do not have tiers. Abyss Jewel modifiers already had tiers, we’ve just buffed the modifier values on them that benefit ailment mitigation.

Are you removing any corrupted implicit modifiers on Jewels?


Is the corrupted mod pool getting a weighting change?


Which unique jewels are being removed?

We aren’t ready to share the full list of unique Jewels being removed as we are still discussing some of them. A few examples of unique Jewels that are definitely being removed are Malicious Intent, Brittle Barrier and Unstable Payload. Two examples of jewels that aren’t being removed are Lioneye’s Fall and Inspired Learning. We’ll share the full list of removed Jewels in the patch notes.

Isn’t diluting the mod pool a nerf?

If you’re looking for a very specific outcome on your Jewel and have no use for ailment mitigation modifiers, it may be marginally more difficult to roll your Jewels. However, the average outcome for Jewels should be better.

Which of the removed unique Jewels from quest rewards are going into the global drop pool?

Some specific stats from some of these Jewels are being added to the regular Jewel mod pool, such as mana reservation efficiency.

Are the Divination Cards that grant unique Jewels changing?

The drop rates for Divination Cards that grant unique Jewels that are now rarer will be adjusted to align with the unique Jewel’s rarity.

Are unique Jewels that are already rare, like Unnatural Instinct, going to be even rarer?

We haven’t changed the rarity of Jewels like this.

Will Jewels that are being removed still have Replica versions from Heist?

No, if the base Jewel has been removed, its Replica version will also be removed.

What’s happening to these Jewels?


  • Conqueror’s Efficiency: its mana reservation stat has been moved to the regular Jewel mod pool.
  • Survival Secrets: its stats may show up in a different form like a unique item but we can’t confirm this yet.
  • Poacher’s Aim: this has been removed entirely.
  • Golem Jewels: These are more deterministically available and aren’t relying on random drops anymore. The intention is that they should be relatively accessible.
  • To Dust: this will be available as a corruption-only Jewel.


Are Primordial Jewels changing?

We have no plans to change Primordial Jewels.

Are other forms of ailment mitigation being nerfed to offset the buff to Jewels?


It’s worth noting that things may change before launch after further testing and feedback.