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Kirac’s Vault

August 18, 2023

We have released a new version of Kirac’s Vault Pass! This league’s pass can be purchased with points and also has a free track available. Its premium track contains a new exclusive armour set and some mystery boxes.

Free Track

The free track of Kirac’s Vault rewards you with items such as Scouting Reports, Scarabs, Sextants and Special Maps for completing bonus objectives of maps in Path of Exile’s endgame. You can complete it once in each Ancestor league you play, such as Ancestor or Hardcore Ancestor. The free track does not grant items in Ruthless modes or Private Leagues.

You’ll earn your first reward upon entering the Karui Shores, after defeating Kitava. You’ll earn additional rewards by completing sets of map bonus objectives while exploring your Atlas. If you complete the bonus objectives of all 115 maps, you’ll have earned all available rewards!

Exclusive Microtransactions

Purchase your premium pass and complete Atlas objectives to earn mystery boxes and the exclusive Oracle Armour Set. This armour set is purely cosmetic and does not affect your character’s power or progression.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I purchase the Pass and track my progress through it?

On the Atlas screen, there’s a new Kirac’s Vault Pass icon at the top left. Clicking that will let you buy the pass, see the rewards and travel to Kirac’s Vault.

How do I claim my rewards?

The Pass has a progress bar that tracks how many bonus objectives of maps on the atlas you have completed. Once you have unlocked a reward, you can click a button on the Pass screen to travel directly to Kirac’s Vault, where a chamber containing that reward will unlock for you to claim.

Once claimed, items are dropped on the ground, while the cosmetics are stored in your microtransaction stash, alongside your existing microtransactions.

Is the Premium Pass still good value?

You’re now able to buy it using 300 points, rather than $30 cash. Note that spending $30 on a supporter pack gets you 300 points, so for the same cost of the Kirac’s Vault Pass, you’re now able to receive an entire supporter pack as well as the Kirac’s Vault Pass and its contents.

Do I get anything right away for buying the Pass?

Yes. The first reward is available to claim as soon as you purchase the Pass, providing you are able to access the Karui Shores (at the end of the campaign) in order to enter Kirac’s Vault.

Is this pay-to-win in any way?

No. Access to Kirac’s Vault and its cosmetic skins offer no gameplay advantage over other players. Items from the free track are available to all players regardless of what they’ve paid.

Do I need to have bought the Pass before I complete my Atlas? Is there a penalty for just waiting until near the end of the league and buying it then?

No. The Pass costs the same amount regardless of how many objectives you have already completed, and the relevant rewards will unlock instantly if you buy the Pass after completing objectives. There’s no penalty for delaying your purchase until later in the league, though you’ll need to purchase it before the league ends.

Can I pay more money to unlock rewards that I have not been able to unlock through gameplay?

You can’t pay to unlock rewards (other than the first one, which comes with the Pass). Everyone you see with one of the exclusive skins from Kirac’s Vault will have completed the bonus objectives required to earn it.

Is the Pass available for Standard players?

No. At this stage it is only available to players in the current challenge league because many Standard players can instantly unlock their whole Atlas by completing a single map.

Will I have access to my exclusive skins in Standard or future leagues?

Yes. Any cosmetics earned during this league will be available account-wide and can be equipped to any character you make in any league.

Are the Pass or its cosmetic skins available after this league ends?

No. The Pass can only be purchased during this league and its cosmetic skins are exclusive to this Pass. They will not be available again. If you want to have them in your collection forever, you must purchase the Pass this league and complete the objectives for any skins that you want.

What happens if I'm playing in multiple Ancestor leagues? Which league does the Pass track progress from?

The pass tracks your highest Atlas progress from any Ancestor league you are playing in (including private leagues based on Ancestor).

Will the Kirac's Vault Pass be released on Console platforms?