New PTR Install Locations

May 24, 2023


You might have noticed that we’ve done some shuffling lately on the Battle.Net App for PTR to support concurrent test environments. Starting with today’s PTR build, here’s a quick look at all of WoW PTR to make things more clear:

Public Test Realm (DF 10.1.5)
Current Status: Running 10.1.5
Realms: Iridikron with connected realm FyrakkVyranoth with connected realm Raszageth
Install Location: \World of Warcraft\_xptr_

Public Test Realm (DF 10.1.0)
Current Status: Offline. We’ll use this for the next PTR cycle after 10.1.5 (and will be renamed in the BNet App)
Realms: NobundoLycanthoth with connected realm BroxigarBendictus with connected realm Anasterian
Install Location: \World of Warcraft\_ptr_

Classic Season of Mastery PTR
Current Status: Offline. This will be go back to being used as a test environment if/when Classic WoW needs it (and renamed appropriately)
Realms: TBD
Install Location: \World of Warcraft\_classic_era_ptr_

Public Test Realm (Wrath Classic)
Current Status: Running 3.4.2, Call of the Crusade
Realms: Classic PTR Realm 1, Classic PTR Realm 2
Install Location: \World of Warcraft\_classic_ptr_