Halloween is almost here, so get ready to dress your exile in their most ominous outfit. If you haven’t decided on a costume yet, we’ve put together a selection of spooky suits to provide some inspiration! Check them out in the video below.

Each of these outfits includes one of the seasonal Halloween microtransactions. These microtransactions will be available until Nov 04, 2023 1:00 AM (GMT+1) (This is displayed in your local time), after which they’ll be leaving the store until they return again next Halloween!

Here’s the list of microtransactions used by our menacing models:

Raven Demon Wings
Wild Helmet
Wild Body Armour
Sin Character Effect
Wild Gloves
Wild Boots
Wild Weapon
Wild Shield
Blood Guard Raven Pet
Doomcrow Apparition Effect
Blood Raven Summon Raging Spirit Skin

Misery Flaming Head Helmet Attachment
Misery Swords Back Attachment
Potent Flambeau Helmet
Misery Body Armour
Misery Gloves
Misery Boots
Misery Will-o’-the-wisp Pet
Dancing Skeleton Pet
Misery Weapon

Ghostflame Wings
Scare Mask Helmet
Ghostflame Stygian Body Armour
Ghostflame Stygian Gloves
Ghostflame Stygian Boots
Ghostflame Weapon Effect
Ghostflame Character Effect
Ghostflame Kinetic Bolt Effect
Ghostflame Herald of Ash

Gore Skull
Sword Through Helmet Attachment
Onyx Oblivion Body Armour
Onyx Oblivion Gloves
Onyx Oblivion Boots
Sarcophagus Back Attachment
Ultimate Chaos Character Effect
Onyx Oblivion Weapon
Onyx Oblivion Weapon Effect
Gore Sunder Effect

Spider Back Attachment
Arachnamagus Helmet
Arachnamagus Body Armour
Arachnamagus Gloves
Arachnamagus Boots
Shadow Deathnotch Bow
Demonic Spider Pet
Demonic Split Arrow

Thank you for your support!

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