Path of Exile: Affliction launches soon! In this news post, we’ve gathered all the information you need to know about what happens on launch day and how to start downloading early.

The realm goes down and patching begins at: Dec 08, 2023 5:00 PM (GMT+1)
The servers go live at: Dec 08, 2023 8:00 PM (GMT+1)

The above times are displayed in your local time zone. You’ll need to be logged into your account to see these. To change your local time, go to “My Account”, “Manage Account” and “Edit Preferences”.

If the timezone is displaying incorrectly for you, please disregard the above timer and refer to the countdown on the front page. Three hours before the end of the countdown, the realm will go down and patching will begin shortly after. When the countdown ends, the servers will be live and you’ll be able to join the Affliction League!

The patch size for the update will be around 8-9GB on the standalone client and 8-9GB on Steam. We’ve also made a torrent available for this update which is around 37GB. Please keep in mind that this method, while available earlier, makes it a larger update as it includes all the existing client content. When patching begins for Path of Exile: Affliction you’ll also have a few remaining files that you’ll need to update as well.

This torrent only includes the GGPK file, so you’ll need to copy it into your actual install folder once the patching server is up, no earlier than three hours before Path of Exile: Affliction launches. Please note that you can’t use this GGPK file with the Steam client, Epic client and macOS.

Path of Exile: Affliction will launch on consoles at Dec 14, 2023 12:00 AM (GMT+1). Downtime will begin for deployment at approximately Dec 13, 2023 9:00 PM (GMT+1).
These are displayed in your local time.

Don’t forget, Twitch Drops are enabled for the launch of Path of Exile: Affliction! Watch for 4 hours of accumulated watch time on any channel streaming Path of Exile during the event and you’ll be granted the Ice Tiger Pet! More information about Twitch Drops can be found here.

Keep in mind that if you haven’t taken advantage of it yet, it’s still possible to get one free Ancestor Mystery Box when you spend any amount of points in the store. NOTE: this is only possible once per account. Additional purchases do not grant additional mystery boxes.

In case you still haven’t decided which build to play with, check out the Class subsections on the forum for suggestions from the community. Many of our community streamers are also providing build guides on YouTube!

If you want a new look to match your build, check out the Nexus stores of your favourite creators for their curated selection of Armour Sets to support them as well as the development of Path of Exile!

We can’t wait to see your latest adventures through Wraeclast and the Viridian Wildwood. We’ll see you at launch!

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