Tomorrow we’ll release a new Path of Exile 2 showcase and reveal the full details of our upcoming Affliction expansion via an exclusive livestream on Twitch! This post contains everything you need to know before the livestream starts.

In case you missed them, make sure you check out our Path of Exile 2 and Affliction teasers below!

What time does it start?

The livestream will start at 12:30PM PST on November 30th, which is Nov 30, 2023 9:30 PM (GMT+1) in your local time. If in doubt, check out the countdown on the front page of our website.

What can I expect?

Prior to our livestream the folks over at PC Gamer will showcase an interview with Path of Exile 2 developers as part of the PC Gaming Show. Tune in to at 10AM PST to find out more!

We’ll start our livestream by revealing the latest Path of Exile 2 showcase before the trailer for Path of Exile: Affliction. We’ll then take you on a deep dive into all of the new content and features that are being introduced in the expansion.

Following the reveal ZiggyD will join us live for a Q&A with questions from Twitch chat. The entire livestream, including the Q&A will most likely be just over an hour long.

Will Twitch drops be enabled?

Yes, Twitch drops for the Huntsman Wings will be enabled from the start of the livestream until Dec 01, 2023 6:30 AM (GMT+1) (this is displayed in your local time) for all channels streaming Path of Exile during that time.

You will get the Huntsman Wings after 45 minutes of accumulated watch time on any channel streaming Path of Exile during the event. This means that the drop is guaranteed for everyone who has watched any Path of Exile stream for this amount of time. This promotion is available for all accounts.

To ensure you don’t miss out on the drop, we recommend checking that your Twitch and Path of Exile accounts are linked. For more information on linking your Twitch and Path of Exile accounts, click here.

Where can I view the reveals if I miss the livestream?

Our regular announcement page will unlock once information has been revealed on the livestream. Keep an eye on the news forum as well for additional information following the livestream. The announcement will also be available on our youtube channel following the livestream.

We can’t wait to share our next expansion with you! See you there!

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