Last week we concluded the Trial of the Ancestors Hideout Competition where we encouraged our community to reflect the theme of Karui Gods in their hideouts. As always, our players have outdone themselves in creativity. With help from our Level Design team, we have selected the winners and are excited to announce them today!

Level Designers: We saw a lot of strong entries in both categories, and we each had favourites that didn’t make it into our overall top 3 picks. We saw a lot of creative interpretations of the Karui Deities theme, especially where the gods in question didn’t have extensive decoration support.

It’s always difficult when decorating hideouts to strike a balance between the visuals you want to achieve and the clutter of collaging them together so we were particularly impressed by the entries that managed to strike a balance and present their concept cleanly.

We considered the hideouts mostly as art pieces, rather than assessing them for practical use, but it was always a delight to see entries that executed on both aesthetics and functionality.

Check out the video with the top five winners from both categories below!

Natural Category

Top Three Winners

The Moon Descends by G4nzo

We were blown away by the striking visuals of this hideout. The theme was executed stylishly, and with an eye for visual flair and contrast. Each part of the hideout featured well-lit, readable decoration collages, executed with minimal visual artifacting. The area’s creator was surprised to see it used this way.

Whare Koiwi, the House of Bones by ƙloƙɱacɧine

We loved the strong theming and use of colour in this hideout. The understated walkable space is well balanced with the gorgeously elaborate wall displays. We also noted the unified and consistent shape language, which made for an overall excellent execution on the theme. Hinekora’s influence and presence are felt throughout.

Path of the Karui by moonretealoud

We were impressed by the understated, naturalistic theming of the area that managed to keep to a clear colour scheme without ever feeling over-cluttered. It’s readable and clear while maintaining visual interest and distinction throughout.

4th – 5th Place

Temple to Arohongui by Morinmeth

The dioramas in this hideout are absolutely gorgeous, and exhibit a strong stylization that contrasts with the more mundane walkable parts of the hideout.

Ngamahu’s Heated Home by fordyslawz

We all really enjoyed the strong volcanic theme and firey atmosphere that delivered on the concept without feeling over cluttered. If anything, the name undersold how polished the overall hideout felt.

6th – 10th Place

Midnight Repose by MikoMiranda
Fire Mommy’s Kitchen by OrcFace
Akoya’s Proving Ground by ajaarrkkss
Moon Grotto by LuLu242
Tribute to the Night Sky by Myra9

11th – 20th Place


Kahuturoa’s Cave by Kougno
Storm’s Herald by Butifarra
Hinekora’s Haven by CelinaKira
Ambition’s End by keldemahll
Corrupted Kitava Worshipper’s Hideout by Murstiisback
Between Us and Oblivion by Revan_Bane
Maata’s Paradise by Arthur_von_Schreyer
Hinekora’s Night-Clad Isle by Mawtail
Rivers of Blood by TallBird
Overgrown Pyramid by wolf61206

Premium Category

Top Three Winners

“Insatiable” – The Scavenger’s Cannibal Compound by keldemahll

This area uses large-scale geometric forms and overall symmetry to create some really interesting macabre imagery. We appreciated that it delivered on the cannibalistic/Kitava theme without being a straightforward gory nightmare.

Gardens of Time – Four Faces of the Forest by Myra9

A wonderful concept executed stunningly. This hideout delivers some lovely blending between the four seasonal themes, each of which is realised vividly and clearly.

The Gift by Alyanne19

This hideout presents a pleasant and relaxing environment, with pretty visuals that avoid being too noisy. Integrating the ruins and overgrowth made for some nice vignettes without the results feeling overdone.

4th – 5th Place

Lost Shrine of Tasalio by Tayanalulu

An enchanting and serene aesthetic, offering a good use of colour and tastefully applied visual effects. We found the cosmic environmental effects a bit distracting but the aquariums and aquatic sections sell the underwater theme really well.

World of Endless Night by moonretealoud

This area’s strong visual style and use of azurite led it to be deemed to be “good rocks” by one of the more geologically minded members of the team. We enjoyed the feeling of walking through a geode. A good use of colour contrast, making for a satisfying overall aesthetic.

6th – 10th Place

Rite of Spring by Morinmeth
Fogs of the Sorrow Seas by Revan_Bane
Sanctuary of Ramako by Arthur_von_Schreyer
Hinekora’s Habitat by jaka1988
Te Mate Ka Whiwhi Katoa by JacciJoe

11th – 20th Place


Hinekora’s Lair by Jix_91
Tasalio’s Lost Temple by FlowAxiom
Fall of Kitava by Higava
Heart of Corruption by Хастур
A Cult in Hiding by Cowrex
Moon Temple by Lina5555
Tomb of Hinekora by titon
Hinekora’s Temple by XeoTech
Colorful Night by mel_976189
Primeval Gardens by Vigurian

We’d also like to note the Charred Council by Max34. While this hideout does have a strong presence of some other familiar entity rather than a Karui god, we just couldn’t get over it!

Congratulations to all the winners, you made the Ancestors proud! We’ll be in touch with you very soon to arrange your prizes.

We’re very happy with how this competition turned out and due to a huge amount of high-quality submissions we will also reward more runners-up in a few days. Thank you so much to everyone who submitted your hideout!

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