League Starter Builds for Path of Exile

Check out all our League Starter Builds for Path of Exile’s current Season, including Leveling, Path of Building, Endgame and even more!

We offer a wide variety of Builds for either Beginners which are often cheap and use easily to acquire Equipment, but also more advanced and experimental Builds which require more knowledge and experience by players.

League Starter Build Guides for 3.23 – Affliction

In Path of Exile: Affliction, you’ll cleanse the Viridian Wildwood of its Affliction, earn valuable rewards and learn the ancient ways of the Azmeri Wanderers.

Our December expansion introduces the Affliction challenge league, three new Wildwood Ascendancy Classes, the return of the Ultimatum League, over a hundred new Transfigured Gems, and much more!

League Starter Builds for Beginners

League Starter Builds for Advanced Players