Equip Unique Items to Team Mates in the Trial of the Ancestors

August 16, 2023

In the new Seasonal Mechanic, the Trial of the Ancestors, Players are able to put very unique equipment onto their Team Members, which grant special benefits to the Player and their Allies.

Unique Equipment for Team Members

Grinding Gear Games has previewed a few Unique Items which can be equipped onto their Team Members during the Trial of the Ancestors, a staged Combat similar to Auto-Battlers like Team Fight Tactics.

  • Dying Roar – 50% Increased Time to Revive – Explode on Death, Dealing 100% of Maximum Life as Fire Damage
  • Lightning Rod – Defender Teammates Gain A Power, Frenzy Or Endurance Charge Every Second.
  • Queen’s Inspiration – You and Nearby Allies Have Tailwind

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