New Community Event – Zizaran’s Gauntlet Sanctum, All Prices, How to Enter

February 1, 2023

Path of Exile Streamer Zizaran is upholding a new Community Event - Zizaran Gauntlet Sanctum. The event will reward many prices, and we have all the informations for you. Read more..

Zizaran’s next huge Community Event is coming on February 10th, 2023 at 8pm GMT! Here are all information about the upcoming event. If you wish to enter the Event, please visit the official page here.


How to Join:

Just Log in, click Join in the bottom right of the character select screen and get grinding at the start of the event!

  1. Log in to Path of Exile
  2. On the day of the event, click join in the bottom right of your character select screen.



Public Profile Rule:

To achieve the above we will be requiring Public Profiles of all participants that wish to compete for the main prize pool, bounties, or flash bounties. Your profile must be set to PUBLIC at the START of the event. 

Breaking any of these rules under any circumstance will immediately remove your right to win any part of the gauntlet outside of raffles. This applies to your entire account at any point in time.



Banned Skills:

For the first time ever Gauntlet will officially have “Banned Skill Gems”. These skills include the use of Seismic Trap, Vortex, Creeping Frost, and Detonate Dead (Including the vaal version) in ANY way. The use of ANY of these skills on ANY character will forfeit your right to claim any part of the prize pool including bounties, flash bounties and the main prize pool. DO NOT EQUIP THE SKILL GEMS.



Prize Pool:

The prize pool is crowdfunded by Zizaran’s event partners and community streamers! In addition, streamers and their communities will be able to create a bounty with the money they fundraise for the event. Bounties are a custom prize that can be awarded to players for achieving a specified goal in the event. This Gauntlet will also have Flash bounties, which are bounties that will pop up in the Racing Discord during the event! Keep an eye out on their social media for announcements regarding when their fundraisers are taking place and what they will be!

Zizaran’s event partners will match donations to the prize pool (up to $25,000).

  • The total prize pool minus bounties will be awarded as follows:
  • Rank 1 Overall: 12% Bonus
  • Rank 2 Overall: 4% Bonus
  • Top Witch: 8%
  • Second Witch: 4%
  • Third Witch: Zenith Character Effect + Sentinel Portal Effect

  • Top Shadow: 8%
  • Second Shadow: 4%
  • Third Shadow: Zenith Character Effect + Sentinel Portal Effect

  • Top Ranger: 8%
  • Second Ranger: 4%
  • Third Ranger: Zenith Character Effect + Sentinel Portal Effect

  • Top Duelist: 8%
  • Second Duelist: 4%
  • Third Duelist: Zenith Character Effect + Sentinel Portal Effect

  • Top Marauder: 8%
  • Second Marauder: 4%
  • Third Marauder: Zenith Character Effect + Sentinel Portal Effect

  • Top Templar: 8%
  • Second Templar: 4%
  • Third Templar: Zenith Character Effect + Sentinel Portal Effect

  • Top Scion: 8%
  • Second Scion: 4%
  • Third Scion: Zenith Character Effect + Sentinel Portal Effect



Random Draw:

Leveling your characters to certain thresholds will also make you eligible for the randomly-drawn prizes made up of both merchandise and microtransactions provided by Zizaran’s event partners and Grinding Gear Games! The general prizes listed below will be randomly drawn from all appropriately leveled characters except for the Level 90+ Armour Pack prizes, which will be drawn per class. You can gain more than 1 ticket per account for the microtransaction/physical prizes, however you cannot win more than one prize per category below: