Patch 3.21.2 – New Path of Exile 2 Engine Now Available

July 24, 2023

ExileCon is coming soon, showcasing Path of Exile 2 to the world. Even if players have to wait a little longer for the new Expansion to release, Grinding Gear Games has already implemented the new GPU-accelerated Engine to the current Game.

3.21.2 Patch Notes

This patch contains further improvements to Path of Exile’s engine.

Engine and Graphics Improvements

  • Replaced Path of Exile’s particle system with Path of Exile 2’s GPU-based system. This allows more complex effects and offloads particle calculations to the GPU, which is designed for parallel tasks like this. This will slightly improve or slightly worsen particle rendering performance depending on whether you were CPU-bound or GPU-bound before.
  • Added a new Triple-Buffering Graphics Option. Enabling this can offer better framerate stability and is recommended for slower GPUs. Double-Buffering is used when this option is Disabled, which can offer less input latency, and is recommended for faster GPUs.
  • There are now four VSync Graphics Options:
    • Off: Unlocked FPS (unchanged).
    • Locked (previously called On): FPS locked to monitor refresh rate (unchanged).
    • Fast: Performs the same as Off, but without screen tearing.
    • Adaptive: Performs the same as Locked when FPS is high, but temporarily unlocks when you have low FPS.
    • Both Fast and Adaptive fall back to Off if they are not available.

This patch was deployed without restarting the servers, so you will need to restart your client to receive the client changes. After this patch, local cached assets will be cleaned up upon launching the client.

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