Path of Exile 3.23 – Recently Asked Questions

December 5, 2023

Grinding Gear Games has summarized all recently asked Questions about the upcoming Season 3.23 – Affliction.

Path of Exile: Affliction will begin December 8 11AM (PST) on PC and December 13 3PM (PST) on Consoles.

In this thread, we’ll round up any questions we answered elsewhere in the community so that you can find all that information in one easy place. The most recent information will always be at the top. We intend to update this post every weekday with any questions that have been answered that day. We will also fold out FAQ news posts into this post as they happen. When we add a new question and answer, we’ll reply to the thread so that it gets picked up by various community trackers.

Head over to www.pathofexile.com/affliction to check out the trailer, content reveal and everything this expansion includes.

If you’re releasing the Transfigured Gems alphabetically, why are some gems missing?

Not all the Transfigured Gems are quite ready yet. We’ll post them when they’re ready though!

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Why did you add the line ”Smaller explosions have between 30% reduced and 30% increased base radius at random” to Explosive Trap?

Explosive Trap has always worked this way. This is purely an update to the description.

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How does respeccing Wildwood Ascendancies work?

Unlike normal Ascendancy Classes, respeccing points in a Wildwood Ascendancy Class only costs one refund point per passive. Also, you do not have to fully refund your Wildwood Ascendancy to switch to a different one. To change your Wildwood Ascendancy, you’ll just need to find the associated Azmeri Wanderer in the Viridian Wildwood.

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What happens if the target dies while Penance Brand is attached, such as if the target dies to a proliferated ignite before the brand reaches max energy?

Nothing will happen if the target dies before reaching 20 energy. The brand would detach and deal no damage. The energy is stored on the target and not the brand, so if the brand re-attaches it will have to start from scratch again.

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Are Transfigured skills compatible with microtransactions?

Yes, as long as the base gem has a compatible microtransaction, it should work with the Transfigured version of the skill.

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How much damage does Raise Zombie of Falling’s impact attack deal? Does my zombie limit matter?

It deals 2.5x the damage of a regular zombie melee attack. Your zombie limit doesn’t matter unless that limit is zero, since that prevents you from summoning zombies.

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Have the Combat Focus jewels been removed? I didn’t see anything about them in the patch notes.

No, they’re still available from vendor recipes.

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Where are the Gems?

Something came up today that prevented us from getting both the first batch of Transfigured Gems and the regular 20/20 Gems today. We apologise for the delay and are keen to release them as soon as possible! To hold you over, here’s another Transfigured Gem teaser. Update: The 20/20 Gems can be found here, and the first batch of Transfigured Gems can be found here!

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How do you earn Wildwood Ascendancy Points?

Your first 2 Wildwood Ascendancy Points are acquired when you first meet the associated NPC and choose their specialisation. The next 4 points come from 2 quests from each NPC. The final 2 points come from defeating the King in the Mists, which will unlock the final 2 points for all three Wildwood Ascendancies. If you do this quest in advance (e.g. through Multiplayer), it will count towards the points even if you aren’t on that stage of the quest.

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How does the new Ralakesh’s Impatience work exactly?

For most purposes, it’s the same as actually having maximum charges. You’ll gain the inherent stats granted by charges, anything that gives you stats per charge will behave as if you had maximum charges, and so forth. This just removes the abuse cases involving unequipping the boots and then spending the charges (though the bonuses are also no longer tied to being stationary).

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Are Charms, Tinctures and Corpses sold by the new NPCs tradable?

Is the Ravenous buff lost when I change zones? Does the buff persist after I die?

The buff does not persist between areas or through death. The intention is for you to pick a monster type based on the zone you’re in, whether that map primarily consists of a particular monster type. Purchasable corpses can be used in cases where you need the bonus for a particular reason, such as fighting a boss.

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You mention Maven being Eldritch, are all bosses Eldritch in nature or are there others?

Not all bosses are Eldritch.

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Do Micro-Distillery Belts disable a Tincture placed in the 5th flask slot?

No, as Tinctures are not flasks.

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Can you reconsider making the new purchasable corpses able to be Desecrated? There is a risk of losing your Spectre by just weapon swapping accidentally, corpse getting eaten by a trigger, etc.

We have a solution to this issue that will prevent Spectres from being lost in Hideouts/Town due to changing items around etc. If you leave town in a way that would cause you to lose your Spectres, they will spawn on the ground around you in the next area you enter. If you lose your Spectre in any way in a hideout, it will spawn as a corpse on the ground. If a corpse is spawned this way, only the owner of the corpse will be able to use Raise Spectre on it.

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Does each Wildwood NPC have a Wisp associated with it?


  • Primal Wisps can be used to purchase Charms from the Primal Huntress.
  • Wild Wisps can be used to purchase special corpses from the Breaker of Oaths
  • Vivid Wisps can be used to purchase Tinctures from the Warden of Eaves

(During the Path of Exile: Affliction Content Reveal it was mentioned that Vivid Wisps were associated with the Primal Huntress and Primal Wisps with the Warden of Eaves, however this has since changed to the above)

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Why did Summon Raging Spirits get its ”Minions deal X% More Damage” line removed?

Raging Spirit Minions basic attack now have increased damage and damage effectiveness scaling with gem level roughly matching the old “Minions deal X% More Damage” modifier. This results in almost similar damage after the change. However, this does mean that Summon Raging Spirits will now not be as strong with Minion Instability. There might be a Transfigured version to help out with that though…

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What’s happening with the old Labyrinth Enchant system?

The Divine Font will now offer gem crafting options instead of Labyrinth Enchantments. Labyrinth Enchantments on existing items will not be changed or removed.

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Do Tinctures apply globally or only to attacks with your weapon?


  • Tinctures will only apply to attacks with your weapon.
  • The stats from Tinctures are not local to the weapon, they are just restricted to only applying to weapon attacks.
  • Tinctures will also work with remote skills that use your weapon, such as Ballistas and Blade Trap.
  • While dual wielding, Tinctures will apply to attacks made with either weapon.
  • Tinctures do not work on minions that are based on your weapon, such as Dancing Dervish.

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What happens to my Alternate Quality gems in Standard?

They are converted to regular Quality type, maintaining the same value.

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When you change back to a Wildwood Ascendancy you’ve already completed quests for, will they still be completed?

With Metamorph being removed, what will happen to Metamorph Stash Tabs?

The Metamorph Stash Tab has been converted to an Ultimatum Stash Tab, which can hold 5000 of each type of Catalyst and 60 Inscribed Ultimatums. The Metamorph Stash Tab Affinity has been replaced with Ultimatum.

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