Path of Exile Build of the Week Season Summary – All Builds From 3.20

March 8, 2023

With the 3.20 Forbidden Sanctum League coming to an end, all showcased Build of the Week Builds have been summarized. Read more..

The Forbidden Sanctum League is slowly coming to an end. Grinding Gear Games has announced that the current Season will end on April 5th, 2023. Every week, they showcased on amazing Build by one of the Community members of Path of Exile!

Episode 1: Palsteron’s Static Strike and Shockwave Slayer

Episode 2: CheapBunny’s Artillery Ballista Deadeye

Episode 3: Conner Converse’s Manabond Hierophant

Episode 4: Ifnjeff’s Spell Echo Hydrosphere

Episode 5: Jungroan’s Nimis Creeping Frost

Episode 6: SideFX’s Impending Doom Occultist