Path of Exile Roadmap 2023 – ExileCon, Season 3.21 And 3.22

February 3, 2023

A new Roadmap has been announced for the upcoming year 2023. Grinding Gear Games has announced their plans for the next Season 3.21 and ExileCon. Read more..

The year 2023 is going to have a lot for Path of Exile Fans. Grinding Gear Games has announced that the next Season 3.21 is coming in April, and ExileCon is where the next Season 3.22 is going to be announced.


Path of Exile’s 3.21 Expansion

We are currently planning to launch our next Path of Exile expansion in early April. You may note that this means that The Forbidden Sanctum challenge league will be longer than normal. We are currently tinkering with a few ideas for some fun low-key things we can do in the final month before 3.21 launches and will let you know how those ideas shake out in the coming weeks.

We have chosen this date so that we can make sure 3.21 gets all the development time it needs and that our release schedule for the year fits nicely alongside ExileCon and release dates of other games.

Additionally, we are really happy with how well-received The Forbidden Sanctum expansion was and are hoping to keep the positivity rolling through 2023 with our upcoming releases. Having more development time really helps with that.



We announced last year that ExileCon will take place on July 29th-30th in Auckland, New Zealand. This convention will showcase everything you need to know about Path of Exile 2, Path of Exile Mobile and the Path of Exile 3.22 expansion. We have a lot to share with you!

Many of you have purchased your convention tickets and will be about to make your travel plans, which brings us to our next topic.


Path of Exile’s 3.22 Expansion

If you’re coming to ExileCon and wanting to do some travel within New Zealand around that time, we are generally recommending that people travel before the convention rather than afterwards. The reason for this is that we are currently planning to reveal our 3.22 expansion at ExileCon and its launch will take place soon after, likely around two weeks afterwards.

You’ll be wanting to play 3.22, so it’s best to leave New Zealand a few days after ExileCon. Then you’ll have enough time to make it back home and take care of your responsibilities before going full goblin-mode at launch.

We’ve got a lot planned for this year in the leadup to Path of Exile 2. We can’t wait to share it all with you!