Path of Exile Talent Competition – Winners of this Year’s Event – Cosplay, Art, Music

February 14, 2023

The Path of Exile Talent Competition has started on January 10th. The Community was able to submit their best talent, like Art, Music or Cosplay to win amazing prices. The Winners are now announced. Read more..

The Winners of this years Talent Competition are here! The Community has submitted many projects related to Path of Exile which we highlighted here previously. The Winners are here, and we have all of them for you summarized.

The Forbidden Sanctum by kokoswe

The Forbidden Sanctum Board Game by Kretones

Divinia Cosplay by Farandine

Sanctum Diorama by MYMeBriZeiS

Bosses of The Forbidden Sanctum by StellaTheSlaya

Raider in The Forbidden Sanctum by stephor

The Forbidden Sanctum Poster by thiagolehmann

Sanctum Cartoon // Path of Exile Parody by Desadaptado2

Divinia by Yokitch

The Forbidden Sanctum for Atari ST by hunter_keska

Lycia by ExileFetus

Order of the Sanctum by pechvaoo

Divinia by Denissinc

Sanctum Children’s Book Edition by lolozori

Varakath, Lycia and the Victorious Exile by NatsataAble

The Forbidden Sanctum – Start Screen by ToBinge

Lycia Pixel Art by curian0618

Sanctum Run! by NuclearPlatypus

Lycia/Sanctum Cover by Anarchy5789

Sanctum Comic by EvelynAnna