Reddit Recap #2250 – First Week of the New Season

December 21, 2022

Patch 3.20 has been officially released, and the Path of Exile Reddit has been going wild with some amazing Memes!

The Forbidden Sanctum has officially launched, and the Path of Exile Reddit has been popping off with some amazing memes, feedback and considerations!

This is Reddit Recap #50 of 2022, Enjoy!

Sanctum taketh but sometimes giveth

Reddit User Malfecius had some amazing luck in his Sanctum Run. A typical Showcase on Reddit!

Every fucking league, every fucking day

Reddit User Supergaz says, what we all think!

last few leagues be like

Reddit User Yohark… TRUE!


The 4 stages of Path of Building.

Reddit User Nikxed should check out our Path of Building Guide!


The forbidden Divine Pineapple

Reddit User _Benzka found the most rare Pineapple in the world! 

So I turned in The Risk divination cards

Reddit User slvrtrn took the gamble, won the gamble!


The Atlas Tree UI is hard to read. I made a suggestion mockup that organizes it

Reddit User okivs receives the reward of the Top Post of the Week, with a great suggestion for Grinding Gear Games!


My heart…

No idea how Silverstrife can live with this pressure!