Reddit Recap #2302 – Highlights of the Community

January 16, 2023

It's time for the Path of Exile Reddit Recap #2302. This Week, the Community has posted a lot of funny Memes, Suggestions and Feedback for all of us to see! Read more..

My Crafting Process

“Happened to all of us to be honest!”

by Elune_

Alright, who’s out here submitting consumable foil uniques?


by Abbrvtd

Can rituals be updated by next League? no reason for x5 exalted Orbs to cost like mirror worth of points.

“Or just revert back away from Divines”

by DC2K16

I was so preoccupied with whether I could, I didn’t stop to think if I should


by SloxSays

This guy managed to turn a white 5L into a white 6L with a tainted fusing in Ruthless trade


by loopuleasa

One month in, Sanctum is the highest retention league in almost 3 years

“Player Retention for the current league is extremly high, very nice!”

by Rolf_Dom

After playing this game since 2012 – Today I learned the Yugul boss room pools don’t damage you.

“Really? We didnt know either”

by voidmoon_sober

Loot from 18x uber eater of worlds ama

“Thats a tough one..”

by TheRoblock

My 6L progress

“Tastes unlucky”

by Waytogomike

GGG makes these challenges harder and harder every league.

“Challenge worthy!”

by tomsta123