Reddit Recap #2303 – Highlights of the Community

January 25, 2023

It's time for the Path of Exile Reddit Recap #2302. This Week, the Community has posted a lot of funny Memes, Suggestions and Feedback for all of us to see! Read more..

My entry for the Forbidden Sanctum art challenge! Hope you guys like it, I LOVE this league <3


by lehmannthiago

I like this template

“Second week in a row a banger!”

by araiki

So i just found zwo Divine Orb altars in one map….


by Kinghuawa

Good old times…

“uhmm…we still wanted to include that…”

by Avrai

Hello Exiles! Here is my entry for Sanctum Competition!

“Definetly check out the Talent Competition Highlights!”

by Early_Ad6717

The forgotten voice of the old maps

“Maybe next good template?”

by ThisIsMyFloor

So that’s why I’ve never seen a mirror…

“We have never seen that, thoughts?”

by N1GHtMa1rZz

My friend, a “Genius Businessman”, farming as a Chaotic Disposition flipper.

“Time is money, worth it?”

by FixFixFixGoGo

Me flickerstriking at the speed of sound before getting sucked out of reality

“This Season, this meme never gets old”

by CptSquiggleBuns

Your Maps are Alluring

“Dont lead us to temptation”

by TheFrozenLegend

Hands Of The High Templar

“You can vendor 3 Ventor’s…ooooh you know already..”

by Riseing