Reddit Recap #2305 – Highlights of the Community

February 5, 2023

It's time for our Path of Exile Reddit Recap #2305. This Week, the Community has posted a lot of funny Memes, Suggestions and Feedback for all of us to see! Read more..

Late league trading etiquette

“its time for a new season!”

by RussianGroundForce1

My entry for the The Forbidden Sanctum art talent competition, it was very enjoyable creating this piece, I hope you guys like it. @Radoartcraft

“TALENT x2!”

by Radoartcraft

Going through an old HDD, found this old screenshot. Remember the painful days without stairs in lioneyes?

“the game got so much better over time!”

by Exportforce

Oshabi again

“thirsty fan art”

by Warufu124

I just wanted +3 Levels for my corrupting fever/reap…


by MaverickTV666

Master mission swap when?

“good suggestion”

by Surr_139

Forbidden Sanctum Board Game Expansion (My entry for the talent competition)


by Kretone

Insane relic, time to re-roll Strength stacker

“1500 strength divided by 10..”

by RuinedAmnesia

10 years ago today, Alira’s Kripp triple kill: “She corpse exploded the corpse of the boss”

“good old days”

by okivs

yey, i finally found an aul…..ah, nvm

“we wouldnt go there!”

by NormalBohne26


“happens all the time..”

by Accurate_Mouse7721

Updated Cyclone CoC Fireball Build, 200 Mil DPS, 144k eHP, No Mageblood

“the 0 fps build”

by allanym