Reddit Recap #2306 – Highlights of the Community

February 12, 2023

Never realised Synthesis unique maps showed the bosses.

“we didnt know either!”

by ChivasRegalPerm

This was my league crafting project.

“New unique jewel idea: 25% increased damage for every word that is reoccurring in a item”

by Slonkey

Could we get clickable UI for shrines like essences do please?

“less fps = more loot”

by TheRoblock

Are those babies detaching heads for currencies? I see a regal orb and a chaos orb. This is in the Labyrinth


by Cellari

Today was my first big loot in almost 2 years. And I mispriced a lot.

“always undercut”

by doooomen

Back with another scrumptious relic

“we jealous about all those relics”

by Artificierbut

It would be nice if we had a quicker way to see what types of map Kirac is offering, to make rerolling with Scouting Reports faster.

“good idea!”

by TheImminentFate

It ain’t much, but it’s honest work

“you gotta work for your double corrupt”

by Ikimonojanai

My fingers would love this


by sips_white_monster

We going full Dragon Ball in this discussion. So im not talking about how hard it is to defeat them in game, but about raw power, about what they can make inside that universe.


by Call-me-Rishon

Out of all things, I was not expecting this…

“that one is insane!”

by HellcallsYOU