Reddit Recap #2307 – Highlights of the Community

February 20, 2023

It's time for our Path of Exile Reddit Recap #2305. This Week, the Community has posted a lot of funny Memes, Suggestions and Feedback for all of us to see! Read more..

My foolproof solution to solve the “Nearby” problem once and for all

“We have more today about this “nearby” issue”

by wrightosaur

Few things in my life have been this stressful, white knuckles for 7 rooms straight. None of my friends play anymore so i hope its okay to share

“i am scared..”

by itsVandole

First I see Krillson in act 6, and now foiled Mageblood. Best Gauntlet ever

“thats a shiny one”

by Opposite-Quote3437

I just wanted to reach lvl 90 in the Gauntlet. Died at 89 with 99%. Unfortunate.

“close, exile”

by StofflTofu

Literally unplayable

“actually true, havent thought about that..”

by arremessar_ausente

Kinda scuff but you guys get the point (inspired by the guy who made the Giga Fusing)

“we showcased the giga fusing last week”

by BusyCamp6819

Cursed unique ring idea

“there we go”

by Trendy_PoE

“Wisdom is the offspring of suffering and time.” (My digital collage art inspired by Path of Exile)

“sadly, talent competition is over”

by Whyunopraisethesun

Idea: Perhaps Mirror Service can be a friendly thing…

“good idea, but u just have to trust we guess..”

by ahddib

This is what ~80 exotic coinage feels like. Tujen best bro. What is your favorite mechanic to farm in this league?

“stacked decks gamble incoming”

by TheLordofSteel

no, i don’t think so

“benefits of playing softcore..”

by szurke1

The Mirror That Cant Be Picked Up

“lootfilter is the way!”

by imnotpregnant_POE