Reddit Recap #2310 – Highlights of the Community

March 14, 2023

It's time for our Path of Exile Reddit Recap #2310. This Week, the Community has posted a lot of funny Memes, Suggestions and Feedback for all of us to see! Read more..

Here we go again, exiles

“we are prepared!”

by procha92

Finally finished the #1 low life mana stacker Righteous Fire helmet.

“thats a big one”

by loganluther

My 1 scour, 102 alt, 1 regal SSF scepter

“in ssf? daaang”

by honmakesmusic

Still can’t believe how lucky I got with this small cluster jewel


by Dr__Butthole

Little tease for a side project I’m working on in Tabletop Simulator 😛


by Alialialun

I mean… Why not?

“if Bestiary gets new mods, then why not”

by Itz_Ramy

The Harvest Atlas notable that I’ve always wanted.


by sips_white_monster

New (melee) player.

“melee life s*cks”

by shadewind_

Re: Small nerf manifesto

“we are ..still..prepared”

by tddahl

First time I’ve seen one in 5k hours. Oh, it also sells for 1 gold

“rare sight!”

by itsJets

hey GGG, if ure gonna state that i cant split “influenced” or “split” items, why wont u state that i cant split items with an enchant or catalyst quality until i spent countless tailoring orbs to get the 1 out of 76 enchant? wtf is this


by 0influence

best ruthless wand


by SimplyTesting