Talent Competition Highlights – Fan Art, Cooking And Lego’s

January 24, 2023

The current Talent Competition is running hot and many Players have sent in their submissions. We look into some Highlights of the Path of Exile Talent Competition. Read more..

We recently posted an upcoming Talent Competition hold by Grinding Gear Games. Members of the Community are able to send in their best Fan Art, Craft or anything related to Path of Exile! 

We are going to show you some of the Highlights, posted in their recent Blogposts!


Lycia, Herald of the Scourge by SlySharp

Lycia and Beidat by mathesaurusrex

The Forbidden Sanctum by hunter_keska


“How’s your resolve Exile?” by Varen_Dante



Victorious Exile, Varakath and Lycia by NatsataAble

The Forbidden Sanctum Poster by thiagolehmann

Flame Skull Trap by FuneralForDolls

Varakath, Slay Them! by DrEnzyme

Mahuxotl’s Gingerbreadination by eemmbbeerr

Original Sin Sol Ring by RainyDayze

Varakath Digital Sculpture by Pollito1999