The Forbidden Sanctum Concept Art – Supporter Pack Forge

February 20, 2023

The Forbidden Sanctum is over its half-time, and Grinding Gear Games already prepares the upcoming Season for April 2023. In the meantime, we take a look into some concept art of the Forbidden Sanctum. Read more..

Grinding Gear Games is already preparing for the upcoming Season 3.21 and ExileCon, as we they already announced their upcoming plans for 2023. They have now posted more stunning concept art, showcasing how much work they put into creating those amazing Supporter Packs.

In today’s news, we wanted to share some concept art from our The Forbidden Sanctum Supporter Packs! We’re featuring concept art and some work-in-progress pictures from the Forge series today. We’ll share concept art from the Gemling series next week!

Clockwork Back Attachment

Crowstorm Portal Effect

High Templar Weapon Effect

Forgeguard Armour Set