Path of Exile 2: Aggorat Trailer Revealed – ExileCon Teaser

June 11, 2023

Path of Exile 2: Aggorat Teaser Trailer

Another Path of Exile 2 Trailer has been released. This is the second Teaser Trailer that has been released since the first Trailer from the Summer Game Fest 2023. 

The first Trailer has been released two days ago, revealing the official Logo for Path of Exile 2. More information will be available next month during the upcoming ExileCon 2023. The official website for Path of Exile 2 has also started operating, making players anticipate the official announcement of the Beta.

The Aggorat teaser for Path of Exile 2 was revealed in today’s PC Gaming Show! If you missed it, you can check it out below!

We also revealed the Ngamakanui Teaser at Summer Game Fest last week. You can check that out here.

At ExileCon, we will reveal everything there is to know about Path of Exile 2 – including its beta launch date! We’ll also be showcasing Path of Exile: Mobile and the 3.22 expansion for Path of Exile 1 at this event.

ExileCon takes place on Jul 28, 2023 10:00 PM (GMT) (This is displayed in your local time), or the 28th and 29th of July PDT. You can watch online or attend in person. In the meantime, find out more at, where you can also sign up for reminders to get all the latest updates.

See you soon, Exiles!