Speedrunning Event During ExileCon 2023 – Qualifiers, Pricepool

April 20, 2023

Grinding Gear Games announced that they holding a Race Event during this years' ExileCon on their mainstage. Read more..

Grinding Gear Games announced that they holding a Race Event during this years’ ExileCon on their mainstage. 

At ExileCon in July, we will be hosting a competitive Path of Exile event live on the main stage. This event will be the culmination of a series of four qualifier events where Path of Exile’s best racers will compete for a spot in the finale.

In each of these events, players will compete to be the first to kill Kitava in Act 5 in a Standard Solo Self-Found fixed seed environment. While this is not a Hardcore Event, players will incur a penalty upon death where they will not be able to move until a one-minute period has lapsed.

Event Times and Dates

  • Qualifier One – May 04, 2023 9:00 PM (GMT)
  • Qualifier Two – May 11, 2023 9:00 PM (GMT)
  • Qualifier Three – May 18, 2023 9:00 PM (GMT)
  • Qualifier Four – May 25, 2023 9:00 PM (GMT)

The above times are listed in your local time. You will need to be logged into your Path of Exile account and have the correct timezone settings to be able to view this. For clarity these times are as follows:

  • May 4: 2pm PDT
  • May 11: 2pm PDT
  • May 19: 2pm PDT
  • May 25: 2pm PDT



The first player to kill Kitava in each event will receive the following:

  • Flights to Auckland, New Zealand for the weekend of ExileCon
  • Accommodation in Auckland for the weekend of ExileCon
  • Entrance into the ExileCon Race Finale
  • An Ultra VIP ExileCon ticket
  • Their choice of one of the below microtransaction bundles


Rules to Qualify:

  • You must connect your Path of Exile account to Twitch and stream your participation (on the linked account) for the whole event. If we can’t watch any portion of your streamed entry, you are not eligible to win.
  • If you win one of the qualifier events, you are not eligible to win another.
  • If for some reason one of the event winners is not able to come to New Zealand, their ExileCon tickets, accommodation and flights will transfer to the person who achieves the next fastest time in any event. They will still receive their microtransactions but the other prizes will be transferred to the next eligible person.
  • You must abide by Path of Exile’s Terms of Service and Twitch’s Terms of Service
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct at any time in the leadup to ExileCon may result in you being disqualified from the event
  • Past and present Grinding Gear Games employees are not eligible to win prizes in these events.


Where to Watch

Each of these events will be hosted live on twitch.tv/pathofexile with shoutcasting by ZiggyD and RaizQT. Co-streaming is welcome!

We look forward to seeing the results! Good luck to everyone who is planning to participate.