Kadabra Is Coming Back – New Pokemon Set ‘Card 151’ Coming In July

January 27, 2023

In July 2023 there will be a new Expansion for the Pokemon Trading Card Game called 'Pokemon Card 151'. It is now confirmed that Kadabra is officially coming back to the TCG. Read more..

We previously reported about an upcoming Expansion for the Pokemon Trading Card Game, coming in July in Japan. The Set is called ‘Pokemon Card 151’ which seemingly will include all Pokemon from Generation 1, including Kadabra.

Uri Geller, a Magician and Psychic has sued the Pokemon Company in the year 2000 for using his persona as an example for Kadabra.

It is now officially confirmed that the new Expansion coming in July will also feature Kadabra. 

In the year 2020, Uri Geller has changed his mind about the use of Kadabra by the Pokemon Company, which allows them now to print this Pokemon to their liking.

Uri Geller also sent a message to PokeBeach, which have reported about this first:

“Hi my dear friends. I am pleased Pokemon fans are excited to see Kadabra return to the card game. Look, I want to thank the Pokemon fans who reached out to me over the last [few] years. Including the ones from PokeBeach, who kept contacting me nonstop. So basically, it was you and my granddaughters that got me to change my mind. Now we can all see Kadabra reunited with the original Pokemon in the card game this summer. I love you all. And I admit, totally open and honest. I was a fool. It was a devastating mistake for me to sue Pokemon. [Kadabra] was basically a tribute to Uri Geller. But it’s back now. Forgive me. I love you all. Much love and energy.”