New Holographic Effects Revealed – Pokemon Scarlet & Violet TCG

December 31, 2022

Pokemon Youtuber Leonhart had the chance to unbox the upcoming Paldea Collection Boxes for the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet TCG! Read more..

Youtuber Leonhart was able to showcase the new Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Collection Boxes, featuring the Paldea Starters of Generation 9. These cards show the new Holo Foil which are going to be printed on all Holographic Cards in the future!

Since the yellow borders retire in the western world, we also get the holographic borders on these cards, as they usually have been in the japanese Expansions.

Sprigatito Promo  Fuecoco Promo  Quaxly Promo

The new Pokemon ex Cards were also revealed, showing the new glitter layer printed on them. These also have never been seen in any english expansion, but was instead exclusive to japanese cards.

The Pokemon ex cards that were displayed in Leonhart’s most recent video did not include any type, therefore the cards were printed in a white color. 

  Miraidon ex Promo