New Products Revealed for February 2024 – Combined Powers Collection, Starter Decks

December 13, 2023

New Products for February 2024 have been revealed. New Combined Powers Premium Collections, ex Starter Decks and Mabosstiff ex Collection Boxes are coming on February 23rd!

Combined Powers Premium Collections

All of the promo cards in this collection will be holo like in TCG Classic.

It will release February 23rd and retail for $59.99.

New ex-Battle Decks Featuring Melmetal ex and Houndoom ex

It’s now been revealed they’ll feature Melmetal ex or Houndoom ex from Obsidian Flames! They will cost $9.99 each. They’ll have the same configuration as previous ex Battle Decks.

Mabosstiff ex Collection Box

A new “Mabosstiff ex Box” will release on February 23rd for $21.99! It will be configured like recent ex Boxes, coming with a Mabosstiff ex promo, a jumbo version, a holo Maschiff from Paldea Evolved, four booster packs, and a code card.

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