‘Pokemon Sleep’ Registration Now Available – Release in Late July

July 8, 2023

The Registration for the new ‘Pokemon Sleep’ App has started! Gather Drowsy Power and raise Snorlax. The App will be launched later during the month of July!

How To Play Pokémon Sleep Trailer

Gather Drowsy Power and Raise Snorlax

In Pokémon Sleep, players will be assigned a “sleep score” based on how long they’ve slept. Players get 100 points when they sleep for at least 8.5 hours. The longer players sleep, the greater Snorlax’s Drowsy Power will become, which in turn determines how many Pokémon gather each time they wake up.

During the day, the player’s helper Pokémon will gather Berries to give to Snorlax, and can activate skills to support them in raising Snorlax. Helper Pokémon can gather Berries even during times of the day when Pokémon Sleep is not being played.

Every Monday, players will choose a new site to move to and encounter a new Snorlax to raise there. This begins a new week of sleep research. The Pokémon encountered will differ depending on the area players are in. More Pokémon may come to sleep on the weekends, and there may even be rarer species than usual!

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