Pokemon Triple Beat – New Cards Revealed, Gyarados and Lokix

February 14, 2023

Triple Beat is the first Subset releasing for the Scarlet & Violet Expansion Series in Japan. This Expansion is going to release on March 10th in Japan, and there will be many cards revealed leading up to the official launch. Read more..

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Base is coming on March 31st to the rest of the world, while the Base Set ‘Scarlet ex’ and ‘Violet ex’ have already launched in Japan. The first Subset for the 9th Generation is coming on March 10th, 2023 in Japan.
We previously reported about some cards included in this next upcoming Set, and we have now more cards to show.

There will be more cards from Triple Beat revealed over the next days, and we will keep you updated on all the new amazing cards coming with the first subset for Scarlet & Violet.

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