Raging Surf Artwork Revealed – New Expansion Coming on September 22nd

August 7, 2023

Raging Surf is the name of the next Expansion coming on September 22nd to the japanese Pokemon Trading Card Game. The Artwork for the Packs have now been revealed.

The Image of the Raging Surf Booster Pack has been posted by the official Pokemon Trading Card Game website in Japan. There are otherwise no other news or announcements being made.

The previously announced Water-tera type Garchomp ex is featuring on the front, aswell as Groudon, Tapu Koko and Jirachi. 

The Set will feature 62 cards, excluding Secret Rares. The official release date is on September 22nd, the same date as the English launch of Scarlet & Violet 151. 

Raging Surf will be part of our November Expansion ‘Paradox Rift’ which can already be Pre-Ordered in our own Store!

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