Ruler of the Black Flame Expansion Revealed – Releasing July 28th, Dark Charizard

June 10, 2023

The next Japanese Expansion for the Pokemon Trading Card Game has been revealed. ‘Ruler of the Black Flame’ is the third Sub Set of the Scarlet & Violet Generation and releases on July 28th.

The Set will release just shortly before the english release of Obsidian Flames, and will also be included in the upcoming English Expansion on August 11th. Ruler of the Black Flame will introduce the first Tera-type Pokemon with unusual typing. 

The Pokemon that were already revealed are

  • Dark Charizard ex
  • Lightning Tyranitar ex
  • Fire Eiscue ex

As the images reveal, these Pokemon will still use the same Energy as their usual typing, but have totally different resistances and weakness. We will soon feature a special Ruler of Dark Flame Card List on our Website.

The Set will featuzre an additional 108 cards, and even more Secret Rares and Illustrator Rares.

This was the first time an English Set was revealed, including all the Pack Artwork before the japanese equivalent has been revealed. 

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