Scarlet & Violet Booster Pack Configuration Revealed – 3 Holographic Cards, New Order

March 8, 2023

It was previously announced that Booster Packs for Scarlet & Violet are going to bring many changes to the Pokemon TCG. It was now revealed what we can expect in the upcoming Generation of Pokemon Cards. Read more..

We previously reported about the upcoming major changes to the Pokemon Trading Card Game. It now has been revealed what to expect from the products in the upcoming generation of the Pokemon TCG with Scarlet & Violet!

Contents of Booster Packs - 3 Foil Cards

It was previously reported that every Booster pack contains three foil cards. It now has been revealed that every Booster Pack comes with 2 Reverse-Holo Cards and 1 Rare Holo. Additionally, the order in Booster Packs have been re-designed. The usual “card trick” is no longer required, because the packs come now in a different order:

  • 4 Common Cards
  • 3 Uncommon Cards
  • 2 Reverse Holographic Cards
  • 1 Holographic Rare Card
  • 1 Energy Card
  • 1 Code Card

Special Illustrator Rare cards will replace one reverse holofoil card, so it would be theoratically possible to have a regular ‘EX card’ in a Booster pack, additionally with a reverse holo and Illustrator Rare.

Price Increase

The MSRP for Pokemon Card products is going to increase. TPCi has based their surge in price with the current worldwide inflation. To compensate for the price increase, Single Booster Packs will include atleast ‘three foil cards’.

The MSRP for a single Booster pack goes up from 3.99$ to 4.49$.

You can pre-order Scarlet & Violet in our own Store here!