The ‘Pokemon Card 151’ Expansion Will Be ‘Made-To-Order’, Combating Scalpers

June 14, 2023

After Clay Burst and Snow Hazard causing a large Scalper Scandal, the Pokemon Company has announced that the upcoming Expansion ‘Pokemon Card 151’ is going to be Made-To-Order in an attempt to combat Scalpers. 

The official Japanese Pokemon TCG website announced this evening that the Pokemon Card 151 booster boxes will be sold as a ‘Made-To-Order’ Product to Customers of the Pokemon Center Website. 

The most recent Expansions ‘Snow Hazard’ and ‘Clay Burst’ were also announced as a Made-To-Order product, after it sold out quickly after its release. 

The recent Expansions featured the amazing ‘Iono’ Card which has incredible play-value and is also considered a sought after card which caused these Expansions to sell out almost instantly. Resellers have purchased many of these booster boxes and sold them for skyrocketing prices, and we even have seen prices going for over 500$ for a single booster box. 

The Iono Card is also featured in the latest english Expansion ‘Paldea Evolved‘, and the prices have peaked at over 2000$ for the most rarest version of it.