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Unique Design Process Stories Roundup – Part 1

July 9, 2023

Path of Exile is home to over a thousand unique items! While most are designed by us, quite a few of them were designed with the assistance of our supporters. In today’s news post, we explore some of the design stories, both from our developers and the community. Check them out in today’s news post!

From the developers:

The Item Development Process – “If someone asked me what Path of Exile’s greatest strength was, I’d answer with just one word: depth”
Cloak of Defiance – Mana was a very different animal at the time. The only use mana had was to reserve as many auras as humanly possible and that was it.
Dancing Dervish – Note the curved blade to convey the idea of spinning and movement, combined with the spiky bits to convey the idea of killing stuff.
The Pale Council Uniques – Since we were going to make four new uniques all coming from the same encounter, we took the opportunity of making this a visually matching armour set

From the community:

Cospri’s Will – It was around this time I realized I had no idea what the hell I’d really gotten myself into.
Cospri’s Malice – There’s something to be said for the way CoC builds play. They’re just inherently fun, but also inherently extremely strong.
The Cloak of Tawm’r Isley – My design parameters were that I wanted it to be inspired by the character, and the GGG team suggested the ways to represent the various aspects of him.
Zeel’s Amplifier – My idea of an old device, which power was not magic but purely mechanical turned out nicely, I feel.