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[US] Automation + Auto Kick + Auto Grounding + AI vs Rated PvP

September 18, 2023

Hello everyone.
We all know blizzard try to fight scripters, third-party program usage and cheaters in general.
So I want to talk about ClearTarget() function.
First of all I’m not a developer and some of the code below can be terrible (but working).
Secondly, we all know that CastSpellByName() function is protected to avoid unintended usage.
But what about this?
/run if not (UnitCastingInfo(“target”) or UnitChannelInfo(“target”)) then ClearTarget() end;
/cast [@target, exists, nodead] Spell Lock
/stopmacro [exists]

or, perhaps, this?
/run if(AuraUtil.FindAuraByName(“Banner of the Horde”, “target”, “HELPFUL”)) then ClearTarget() end
/cast [@target, exists, nodead] Death Coil
/stopmacro [exists]

or this (protect HoJ in Grounding)
# showtooltip
/run for i=1,10 do local D = UnitBuff(“target”,i); if D == “Grounding Totem” then ClearTarget() end end;
/cast [@target, exists, nodead] Hammer of Justice
/stopmacro [exists]

Fade protection
/run for i=1,10 do local D = UnitBuff(“target”,i); if D == “Phase Shift” then ClearTarget() end end;
/cast [@target, exists, nodead] Intimidation
/stopmacro [exists]

These simple macros can help users automate their gameplay. For example, such macros can make interrupts always hit other player’s cast or prevent spells usage if there’s any buff (like divine shield or anti-magic shell) that denies their impact.
In my opinion, many people could’ve used such macros to have advantage over other players in arena.
I think it’s a big problem for the whole PvP community and it should be fixed as fast as possible.
Bicmex video:

This is rn working on retail wow, and 8/10 shamans that you will meet and not only shamans use this.
In addition to all this, there is a program that automatically presses the button for you with a macro called AutoHotKey.
And now I turn into a warlock and begin the ritual of summoning wow community council.
Move my topic to the consuls section. So that Blizzard would fix this problem as soon as possible, which has existed for unknown years, and is already occurring in rated pvp. Even people like Jaime x322 R1 gladiator use these macros on AWC.
Bonus Video: _

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Community Manager

#209 – Sept. 18, 2023, 4:01 p.m.
Blizzard Post

We’re investigating this, and we will take appropriate steps to address it as soon as possible.