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[US] Diablo IV Short Story: “Sanctum of Bone” by Carly Anne West

July 21, 2023

Sanctuary is a volatile place—danger lurks at every turn and Lilith’s reappearance has ushered in a new era of hardships for those unfortunate enough to call these lands home. While its denizens may not have much in the way of material goods, they make up for it with rich stories to tell.
The Tales of Sanctuary is a collection of free-to-read Diablo IV short stories introducing a cast of new characters, with a few familiar faces sprinkled in. The third entry into this series is “Sanctum of Bone” by Carly Anne West and can be read below.

“Sanctum of Bone”
by Carly Anne West

Tejal tells the tale of Iolaynah, who journeys to the moors of Scosglen in search of her missing sister and Droman Grigso, the Sorcerer her sister sought out to study. But deep in the moldering halls of Grigso’s mysterious sanctum, Iolaynah finds dark secrets and a legacy of his wicked deeds.
Read “Sanctum of Bone” by Carly Anne West now!

Materialize in Tejal’s Shop

After basking in Tejal’s storytelling, browse the artifacts in her possession by visiting the in-game Shop—you might even walk away with a story of your own to tell. Her wares are not for free—Tejal only trades her trinkets and curios for Platinum.

More Tales of Sanctuary to Come

There are other delightfully dark stories we’re excited to tell. From foreboding expressions of humanity to heartfelt recollections of events from yore, we’re compiling motley tales from every corner of Sanctuary to share with you. Our next short story, “Teeth of the Plague” by Z Brewer, will be available for you to read in early August. Keep an eye out for it on our News page.