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[US] HOTFIX 4 & 5 – August 2 – 1.1.0

August 2, 2023

HOTFIX 4 & 5 – AUGUST 2, 2023 – 1.1.0

Fixed an issue where Battle Pass tiers could sometimes not be claimed.
Fixed an issue where an explosion from the Barber Malignant Heart could sometimes not kill a monster when it should.
Further stability improvements.

HOTFIX 3 – JULY 21, 2023 – 1.1.0
Gameplay Update
We are implementing a reduction to overall monster power levels in Nightmare dungeons. The new top range for tier 100 will feel like what tier 70 was previously.
Developer Note: Although these values make it appear that the higher tiers are easier than lower tiers, this is not the case because the monsters also benefit from being significantly higher level than players in higher Nightmare Dungeon tiers.
Tier 35

HP reduced by ~2%
Damaged reduced by ~1%

Tier 50

HP reduced by ~20%
Damage reduced by ~13%

Tier 70

HP reduced by ~60%
Damage reduced by 54%

Tier 100

HP reduced by ~82%
Damage reduced by ~79%

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where additional Blood Lances from the Gore Quills aspect could sometimes not deal damage.
Fixed an issue where the Answers in the Ashes quest could have progression blocked if Varshan was killed before the quest updates to the step to defeat him.
Fixed an issue where the dungeons Buried Halls and Endless Gates dungeons were not giving players proper rewards upon completion.
Fixed an issue where the Akhan’s Grasp Nightmare Dungeon was not giving players proper rewards upon completion.
Fixed an issue where the Moonrage Malignant Power would cause the Wolves power to be unequipped from the action bar.
Fixed an issue where the Subterranean Legendary aspect was dealing far less damage than intended.
Fixed an issue where the Frozen Terror Malignant Power could also fear the player with it equipped.
Fixed an issue where Malignant Hearts could be duplicated when salvaging them, logging out immediately, and logging back in.
Fixed an issue where Tier Skips wouldn’t be properly rewarded in certain scenarios.
Fixed an issue where Whispers sometimes wouldn’t grant experience on completion.
Further stability improvements

HOTFIX 1 & 2 – JULY 18 & 19, 2023 – 1.1.0
Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where the overall drop rate of Aberrant Cinders in Helltide was lower than intended.
Fixed an issue where Seeds of Hatred could be collected at an extreme rate when using the Hatred’s Chosen buff against Necromancer minions and Druid pets. This buff has now been re-enabled with this hotfix.


Further stability improvements.