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[US] Problem with Mechagon (PTR ignored?)

September 7, 2023

In 10.1.7 Mechagon Island was been scaled until to 10-60 level zone, the truth and on PTR and on live, quests broken. I sent few reports when was on PTR, but seems they was been ignored, if no one not fixed it.
If Horde players can be start questline and finish few quests, before “game” stopped them, Alliance can’t finish even first quest :confused:

Horde players can do all quests until to “Drill Rig Construction” – this quest already can’t pick, drill rig yellow, and not clickable.
Alliance players can get quest “The Legend of Mechagon” and it’s all, he broken and next quests can’t continue.
Question, scaled zone and even not check quests it’s normal? Patch was been on PTR few months and for this time, even after reports problem not was been checked and fixed.

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#2 – Sept. 7, 2023, 1:33 a.m.
Blizzard Post

With hotfixes that went live a few hours ago, Mechagon should be fixed up.