Warband Deep Dive – Warbound Items, Transmog and More

November 4, 2023

The Warband feature allows players to have account-wide progression. During the Deep Dive, Ion has revealed more information like Warbound Items.

Warbound Items

Warbound Until Equipped items are a new type that can’t be sold on the AH or traded, but can be taken by other characters for their use. Kind of like account-bound, except they become soulbound to that character once used. They should drop as personal loot at a slightly lower item level than other stuff, just to make it easier to gear up your alts without funneling power to your mains.

Banking Items & Reagents

Its an account-wide bank! You shouldn’t have to mail anything to yourself anymore. There’s even a giant reagent tab, from which you can craft using any of your characters.

Account-Wide Transmog & More

  • Transmog is now acquired warband-wide, Mages can unlock Plate items in their collection and your Warrior can transmog them without having to refarm the armor type.

  • Reputations and Renowns will also be account-wide. They’d like to make this retroactive to past Reps/Renowns, but that might take some time – they’ll start with Dragonflight content and work back from there.
  • Flight Paths will also be unlocked across your Warband.
  • Brann, as the Season One Delve companion, will also have shared progress throughout your warband – you shouldn’t have to gear him up twice.
  • Achievements should also work across your warband, similar to how many are already account wide.
  • There’s also a cool new character select screen featuring all your characters, even those across different servers.

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