World of Warcraft: Worldsoul Saga – Three Expansions Announced

November 3, 2023

Three new Expansions instead of one! Blizzard announced the future of World of Warcraft, with the next few Expansions for the next Years of Warcraft!

Blizzard has announced that the next major storyline coming to World of Warcraft will be the Worldsoul Saga. This epic storyline will play out over the next few expansions: The War Within, Midnight, The Last Titan.


The War Within

The tenth World of Warcraft expansion will be called The War Within. This expansion will be the first part of the Worldsoul Saga and will take within Azeroth.

This expansion will feature Nerubians and Ahn’kahet.


The Worldsoul Saga was announced at BlizzCon as a multiple-expansions storyline, and the second chapter of the saga is called Midnight! This chapter is entirely Void themed, with the forces of the Void invading Azeroth to attempt to plunge the Light out of the Sunwell. Help unify the Elven tribes to stand with the Light.

The Last Titan

The twelfth World of Warcraft expansion will be The Last Titan, the final chapter of the Worldsoul Saga. This expansion will have us returning to the old world and Northrend.

In the expansion we will return to Ulduar and witness the return of the Titans to Azeroth. We will cover a vast conspiracy, which will stretch throughout the history of the world. It will challenge everything you think you know. Titans and the intentions and the true nature of Azeroth itself.

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