Watch The Final ExileCon Qualifier Event!

May 26, 2023

The final ExileCon Qualifier event begins in 30 minutes and you are now able to join the event. Tune into the official stream at to find out who will join imexile, tytykiller and Havoc in the ExileCon 2023 Finals in this last chance qualifier, casted by ZiggyD and RaizQT!

For more information about Qualifier events and their prizepool, check out this announcement.

We also want to remind everyone that the use of inappropriate character and stream names during your run will result in disqualification from this event or future race events in the series. You can find out more in our PSA last week here.

We’d also like to mention that while the event is fixed seed, when Einhar spawns by chance in an area, he can slightly affect parts of the layout of the zone but the rest of the area will be the same.

If you want to watch the last few qualifier events, you can check out the VODs below:

Good luck everyone!

If you missed the race, check out the VOD here or open the spoiler below to see the results!

Congratulations to the Mystery Racer (gawrgura_subreddit_mod) for winning the final ExileCon Qualifier Event and securing their spot in the finale at ExileCon! The finale will be streamed live at on July 29th PDT. We’ll see you there!