What’s Been Discovered So Far?

December 16, 2022

The Forbidden Sanctum opened its doors last weekend and the community have been discovering lots of new things! Check out today’s post which rounds-up some new items, Divination Cards and a few community highlights!

New Unique Items

We would first like to show off two new Unique items designed by a couple winners from the Sentinel Boss Kill Event.

While both of their creators have already shown off their creations on their social media, we wanted to highlight them to the community!

Annihilation’s Approach are a pair of Unique Boots that were designed by imexile, and drops from the Uber Searing Exarch. While it provides juicy bonuses, you’ll need to find a way to mitigate its burning downside!

Nimis is a Unique Ring designed by Jungroan, and drops from the Uber Eater of Worlds. It makes your projectiles return to you after their flight, but it makes them go in random directions too.

The next three uniques are Sanctum League exclusive uniques and have already been discovered by the community!

The Balance of Terror is a Unique Jewel that can roll a plethora of mods based on Hexes that you cast. Think of it as a Watcher’s Eye, but for Hexes!

Sandstorm Visage makes your Base Critical Strike Chance of Spells match the Critical Strike Chance of your main hand weapon, but makes it so you can’t critically strike with attacks. Great for hand-casting spells, but maybe not so much for Cast on Crit builds!

Finally, The Winds of Fate is a new Unique Staff that gives a huge damage boost, but caps your Maximum Critical Strike Chance at 50% and makes your non-critical strikes deal no damage. You’ll need to find the right balance (or combination of mechanics) to take advantage of it.

The next unique item drops from the Uber Maven fight and has a similar theme to the Starforge and Voidforge Unique Swords.

Echoforge’s stat ranges are quite high, so you’ll either need to be very lucky or sink a lot of Divine Orbs to get a good roll! Echoforge has the following stat ranges:

  • Adds (600-650) to (750-800) Chaos Damage
  • 16% reduced Attack Speed to 16% increased Attack Speed
  • -200 to 200 to Maximum Life
  • 40% reduced Area of Effect for Attacks to 40% increased Area of Effect for Attacks

The last Unique that’s been discovered by the community was designed by a supporter.

The supporter wanted its visual design to match Shavronne’s Wrappings and makes increases and reductions to your Cast Speed apply to your Attack Speed as well!

New Divination Cards

Outside the Divination Cards that we teased before launch, more cards that were released in The Forbidden Sanctum have been found! If you haven’t seen them yet, check them out below!


The Forbidden Sanctum

A lot of Streamers and content creators have been exploring the secrets and mysteries of The Forbidden Sanctum. A few people have conquered the final boss that awaits you at the end too! We’ve added in some highlights below of some cool Sanctum runs and encounters.

If you do not want to be spoiled on The Forbidden Sanctum’s content or lore, please be warned that the videos below contain spoilers!