Faction Change Now Available For Wrath Classic In Shop

February 8, 2023

Blizzard has announced to make Faction Change available in Wrath Classic. Players can now check the In-Game Shop to obtain this new Service. Read more..

Players are now able to purchase a Faction Change in the In-Game Shop for Wrath Classic. Blizzard has previously announced that they will implement this service at some point during Wrath Classic, alongside with Race Changes. While they now finally enabled Faction Changes, the Race Changes are currently still not available.

Players can purchase a single Faction Change, 3 Faction Changes or even 8 Faction Changes. There is also a current discount for up to 30% whenever buying these services.


Race and Faction Change

While it won’t be ready for our launch in September, we have changed our minds on this, and we’re working on adding the Race and Faction change as a paid service in a future patch.

Originally, we planned not to offer Race and Faction change at all, because it felt like it removed some of that fantasy feeling of having dramatically different physical attributes that affect your gameplay. We were also a little worried about players chasing the “flavor of the month” in terms of racial abilities However, we’re convinced by the argument that being able to play with your friends is more important, and that you should be able to bring your accomplishments with you when you do. This turns out to be the same tradeoff provided by transferring between realms, which is already available as a paid service, so it makes sense to make the same decision with respect to Race and Faction change.

In short, this fits our aim to nurture and protect social experiences, so we’ll work on it for an upcoming patch.